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Jazz Funeral

Jazz Funeral A genuinely moving mysteryIt s always a pleasure to spend time with Skip a no nonsense level headed heroine in a wild and reckless city THE BALTIMORE SUNSmack in the middle of the summer Skip finds

  • Title: Jazz Funeral
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A genuinely moving mysteryIt s always a pleasure to spend time with Skip, a no nonsense, level headed heroine in a wild and reckless city THE BALTIMORE SUNSmack in the middle of the summer, Skip finds herself investigating the stabbling death of the universally beloved producer of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Then the victim s sixteen year old sister di A genuinely moving mysteryIt s always a pleasure to spend time with Skip, a no nonsense, level headed heroine in a wild and reckless city THE BALTIMORE SUNSmack in the middle of the summer, Skip finds herself investigating the stabbling death of the universally beloved producer of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Then the victim s sixteen year old sister disappears, and Skip suspects that if the young woman isn t herself the murderer, she s in mortal danger from the person who is And with her long distance love, Steve Steinman, and her landlord, Jimmy Dee, to assist her, Skip trails an elusive killer through the delirium of a city caught up in the world s most famous music bash.

    Jazz funeral The Jazz Funeral New Orleans Jazz Funeral When the deceased is laid to rest or they cut the body loose the mourners cut loose as well Although the majority of jazz funerals are for musicians, anyone can request one And, as long as you re respectful, passersby are encouraged to join in and help celebrate. The Jazz Funeral Jun , Directed by Jesse Rosen With James Morrison, Bobby Campo, Maiara Walsh, Dee Wallace A father and son head to New Orleans to overcome their women trouble. How New Orleans Celebrates Its Dead The New York Times Jun , The jazz funeral dates to the late s and the birth of jazz itself Like Mrs Chase s Creole cuisine, the ritual has survived by embracing both tradition and change It is also a celebration of Traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral Songs Cake Blog Jun , There are a lot of characteristics of a jazz funeral that are different from a typical end of life service First, jazz funerals often include two processions, one from the church to the burial site and one that leaves the cemetery after the body has been laid to rest. A Jazz Funeral for the American Presidency The New Yorker Up to sh backIt was a New York version of a New Orleans style jazz funeral A few minutes before the funeral began, Mara Hennessey, an artist with a veiled black hat over her modish bright teal hairdo, and her Jazz Funeral Bethany Beach, Delaware The Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral is celebrated each Labor Day Monday beginning at p.m at the North end of the Bethany Beach Boardwalk This quirky Jazz Funeral tradition is family friendly, free to the public, and you can even dress in costume for the occasion. New Orleans Jazz Funerals Music, Processions What to Nov , Jazz funerals celebrate the beauty of life after death They re common for well known community members, typically male musicians Family, friends, jazz musicians, and gather for these lively funerals In this guide, we ll break down everything you need to

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    About Author

    1. Julie Smith says:
      Author of 20 mystery novels and a YA paranormal adventure called BAD GIRL SCHOOL formerly CURSEBUSTERS Nine of the mysteries are about a female New Orleans cop Skip Langdon, five about a San Francisco lawyer named Rebecca Schwartz,two about a struggling mystery writer named Paul Mcdonald whose fate no one should suffer and four teaming up Talba Wallis, a private eye with many names, a poetic license, and a smoking computer, with veteran P.I Eddie Valentino In Bad GIRL SCHOOL, a psychic pink haired teen age burglar named Reeno gets recruited by a psychotic telepathic cat to pull a job that involves time travel to an ancient Mayan city Hint It HAS to be done before 2012 Winner of the 1991 Edgar Allen Poe Award for best novel, that being NEW ORLEANS MOURNING.Former reporter for the New Orleans TIMES PICAYUNE and the San Francisco CHRONICLE Recently licensed private investigator, and thereon hangs a tale.Resident of New Orleans, Louisiana

    Comment 586 on “Jazz Funeral

    1. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:
      EXCERPT At 250 a pop, fumed a red faced man, you d think we d at least get a drink The shrill, uncertain buzz they d noticed was developing a hysterical note This was a party that wasn t fun Bemused, Skip and Steve worked their way back around to the front Ham I could see, said Skip He could have had to work late it s his busiest time But where s Ti Belle Oh, bout two houses away, I d say Approaching at a dead run, having just parked a Thunderbird with a squeal of wheels Skip had heard the squea [...]

    2. James says:
      This book was OK, but I had a hard time warming up to it and then another hard time getting myself to finish it The first chapter did a very poor job of making the reader want to continue, and I actually wished I d abandoned it at that point On the other hand, the quality of the writing is better than many police mysteries so at some point in the future, I might give another one in this series a try to make sure I m evaluating it fairly.

    3. Denise says:
      Perfectly adequate summer read There was very little suspense and it wasn t too thrilling The mystery wasn t too surprising to anyone who watches Law and Order SUV It wasn t engrossing enough for me to want to read in the series It was just an okay book and my Kindle edition contained lots of typos.

    4. Laurie says:
      I started reading this while in New Orleans for Jazz Fest While I enjoyed the overall setting of the book, New Orleans during Jazz Fest, the plot and characters never drew me in to caring much about them This was my first Skip Langdon novel and I d be willing to give another one a chance but I m not rushing out to get one.

    5. Daniele says:
      This third outing was pretty meh for me Though I enjoyed the setting and music, I never cared about the characters The resolution of the mystery was ok, but I struggled to keep reading to get there.

    6. Monica says:
      I wanted to love this book, as I love New Orleans and Jazz Fest The setting was great with local color, the characters were interesting, but somehow it just seemed to drag I felt like I was slogging through a humid NOLA day without much energy I would give the author another try, though, especially as she has a couple books set in San Francisco

    7. Leslie says:
      I enjoyed the New Orleans ambience and like Skip Langdon, the ian female homicide detective Smith gives the reader a chance to hear the thoughts of various characters including suspects in a way that allows you to get a feeling for their personalities without tipping her hand about who is the guilty one.

    8. Patty says:
      I have read ten books this year that I have gotten free for my Kindle and four of them have been mysteries I think that the publishers hope that once they hook readers into a mystery series, we will purchase the others in the series I suspect this works for some readers, but I am an omnivore and there is only one mystery series that I actually try to keep up with I do really like listening to Laurie R King s Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell series Otherwise, one or two books by a mystery author [...]

    9. Patricia says:
      Sixteen year old Melody is a talented vocalist and composer, but she has problems her parents don t understand her and her boyfriend dumped her in favor of her best friend Things just got worse her brother, the well known head of JazzFest, was murdered Her young life is shattered and she runs away from home with no money, no place to stay, and no plans Six foot tall Ship Langdon is a homicide detective in the New Orleans Police Department, but she has problems her insecurities, a long distance b [...]

    10. Sandy says:
      great read one of the suspects is completely CRAZY in a funny kind of way Some typos, but toward the end too many typo s to count could use a few pair of eyes to read before it is released in a e format to have caught all these errors It could have been a 4 star book if not for all those errors, which disrupts the reading flow for me Other wise a very good book and alot of things to learn about New Orleans, which I have never had the pleasure to visit, even though I am from and live in the sout [...]

    11. Bob says:
      Skip Langdon gets caught up in the death Murder of a prominent New Orleans personality and the disappearance of his teenage sister Family squabbles, the sisters time on the streets of the city and an unexpected ending to it all This is the second of the 9 novels that I downloaded to my Kindle and I am looking forward to he next one Plenty of local New Orleans color to be found here.

    12. Jean says:
      Not great writing but good New Orleans escapist lit.

    13. Karen says:
      I enjoy the stories but the language is not for me

    14. Gloria Churchill says:
      Great readCouldn t put it down the twist and turns every time I thought I knew who was the murderer no not that one

    15. Michele says:
      Good storylineIt was a good book I am giving it three stars because it would have been better without the language and sex

    16. Rebecca says:
      Pretty good but at least the kindle version needs a proper copy edit wed instead of well and similar repeatedly.

    17. Karen Burmaster says:
      Jazz Funeral reviewNot a very gripping book Also not very plausible If I had read this book first I would not have read and enjoyed other books in this series

    18. Michael Wood says:
      Exciting, Unusual, Cross Genre Murder Mystery Coming of Age NovelThis is an amazing novel, masterfully weaving elements of divergent genres, and adding a new twist There are several protagonists in this story, and it is told from different points of view The extra twist is that the reader knows that one of these people killed a man, but which one Elements of the plot could point to many different characters as the killer, but it does seem the work of a single killer The motive is absent everyone [...]

    19. Cliff Dalton says:
      New Orleans MysteriesI really like New Orleans and mystery stories or mystical stories about the Crescent City Fortunately there are quite a few good authors who write about NOLA and Julie Smith is among the best I ve read the Talba Wallis series where I was the introduced to Skip Langdon Since I enjoyed the Talba Wallis series so much I grabbed a copy of Jazz Funeral of off BookBub and thoroughly enjoyed the same great intrigue experienced before The characters are multi dimensional and the plo [...]

    20. Cheryl Roth says:
      Wow, so much better than I expected Of course I read it because I ve enjoyed this author before, but this book shows an exceptional talent for character exploration Weave that in with a story that captivates the mind, heart and senses emotionally charged Intriguing, to explore the minds of each character while being led through a runaways experience of New Orleans, and the experiences of those who are looking for her But why did she run, and who killed her brother I couldn t put the book down.

    21. Gina says:
      Jazz FestI chose this book because I was heading to New Orleans and they mention many of the landmarks I saw I did not realize it was written in 1993, before Katrina and 9 11, and before everyone had a cell phone That said it is slightly dated The story is a good one and the mystery surprised me in the end I had not read other Skip Langdon books, but the characters are developed enough to be enjoyable.

    22. Ginney Etherton says:
      A two star review doesn t look good but it was ok is my honest opinion I kept thinking this was like a Romance Novel than Murder Mystery She writes with a lot of pov changes and internal dialogue The mystery was decent, the music and street scenes of New Orleans were interesting, the characters credible I just wished for showing and less telling.

    23. Abbie says:
      Sweet southern murderJulie Smith writes like silk flowing from a bolt of cloth to the ground The writing, scenery and dialogue are so smooth I was sad to have the book end Really an amazing read I give no spoilers, sorry.

    24. Mary Jane LeKanides says:
      Brother bluesA musical nameMelody A young girl in NOLA, learns about life, after the death of her adored brother Music, the heart of the city, is her refuge This is a story about love and family and murder Good resolution.

    25. Stevepanetta says:
      Don t bother It was a good story to start, but got side tracked into every characters phycological issues and two thirds the story was consumed by that Too bad the author didn t stick to the murder.

    26. Diana Long says:
      New Orleans, a city with its own vibe What an interesting and fun read Always loved the New Orleans scene and this story brings that back One can fell the underlying excitement of the Quarter.

    27. Belinda says:
      Multifaceted plotThe plot is multifaceted and tells several different characters stories The characters are fully drawn and believable The identity of the murderer is surprising.

    28. Louise Pass says:
      junoesque detective gets her culprit.Another complex, but believable mystery, well written scenes and conversations, excellent transitions from character to character my only complaint is the dysfunctional work relationship

    29. Jeannine Stewart says:
      Death of a seriesThis will be the last book I read in this series Overworked characters and plodding plot Every character received pages of soul searching introspection until I just wanted to scream and yet I felt nothing for any of them Can t believe I read the whole thing.

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