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Dead Stars - Part One

Dead Stars Part One The sky is falling The world trembles beneath it Emaneska is crying out for a saviour Somebody is hunting down the Written in the wilds Murdering and skinning them alive Who A mere girl A girl who was

  • Title: Dead Stars - Part One
  • Author: Ben Galley
  • ISBN: 9780956770066
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sky is falling.The world trembles beneath it.Emaneska is crying out for a saviour.Somebody is hunting down the Written in the wilds Murdering and skinning them alive Who A mere girl A girl who was born to rip the stars from the sky and bring them crashing down to earth The direst enemy Emaneska has ever faced.In the wake of the Battle of Krauslung, the world has cThe sky is falling.The world trembles beneath it.Emaneska is crying out for a saviour.Somebody is hunting down the Written in the wilds Murdering and skinning them alive Who A mere girl A girl who was born to rip the stars from the sky and bring them crashing down to earth The direst enemy Emaneska has ever faced.In the wake of the Battle of Krauslung, the world has changed For the darker For the stranger Magick swells like a storm, spilling from the stunned lips of farmboys and milkmaids, burning spell books to cinders at the lightest of touches.As Krauslung unknowingly balances on a knife edge, tension mounts Insidious whispers have begun to spread, drawing new enemies to the surface Discontent, fear, betrayal it seems that the girl is not the only enemy Emaneska must face.Who can stand in their way Will it be a pair of struggling Arkmages, one blind, one Written An Albion maid, on the cusp of her wedding day Three shadows of gods Or will it be a ghost, a bloody rumour, lost in a dark world of murder and bitter memories One question above all lingers on their lips Where in Emaneska is Farden

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      440 Ben Galley

    About Author

    1. Ben Galley says:
      Ben Galley is the author behind the gritty and dark Emaneska Series, the western fantasy Scarlet Star Trilogy, and the new standalone novel, The Heart of Stone, which was voted Best Self Published Novel in the 2017 Booknest Fantasy Awards.Aside from writing and dreaming up lies to tell his readers, Ben works as a self publishing consultant and tutor, helping fellow authors from all over the world to publish and sell books His website shelfhelpfo will tell you all you need to know about DIY self publishing.Ben can be found attempting to be witty on Twitter or vlogging on YouTube BenGalley, or loitering on Facebook and Instagram BenGalleyAuthor You can also get a free eBook at bengalley.

    Comment 316 on “Dead Stars - Part One

    1. Hels says:
      I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book Having really enjoyed The Written Pale Kings I was looking forward to reading this one Ben is a master story teller, his descriptive language really brings the book to life His characters are believable the storyline exciting, once I started I just couldn t put it down Most of it was read in my breaks at work on my iPhone, such was my enthusiasm to keep reading A truly brilliant book

    2. Mieneke says:
      Dead Stars is the concluding novel to Ben Galley s Emaneska series The book is so big Ben has released it in two volumes, the first of which I ll review today Discussing this book will unavoidably provide spoilers for books one and two, The Written and Pale Kings respectively If you want to remain unspoiled for the prior books, please click away or skip to the last paragraph of this review.Ben Galley is one of the two self pubbed authors I ve reviewed on the blog and as such is somewhat of a rar [...]

    3. Mrs.H. says:
      Absolutely amazing series loved it Unusual fantasy would highly recommend.

    4. Martin Belcher says:
      Another brilliant book by Ben Galley the third in the very original Emaneska series, Dead Stars part one continues the story where Pale Kings ended Fifteen years later the great city of Krauslung has been rebuilt after the disastrous battle Tyrfing, Farden s uncle and the blind vampyre Durnus are the new twin Arkmages and Modren is undermage but all is not well Farden has disappeared and worse still someone is tracking down and killing the written one by one Can Farden s powerful renegade daught [...]

    5. Mary Beth says:
      Awesome follow up to The Written and Pale Kings I m immediately starting Dead Stars Part 2 as I just can t wait I have really enjoyed this series tremendously Ben has huge talent and a brilliant future ahead of him.

    6. Paul Nelson says:
      After the epic conclusion of Pale kings, we initially join the story nine years later with the return of Lilleth the seer and Samara, Farden s Daughter Lilleth was entrusted by Vice, to bring up Samara, fill her head with lies and hatred, to bring to fruition the evil plans of Vice.Samara is nine years old and has been slowly but surely brainwashed, poisoned against those who could possibly have any feelings for her and the truth kept as far from her as possible They keep a low profile, travelli [...]

    7. Mitchell says:
      This book continues the story of Farden, the anti hero mage It s actually quite a heart wrenching book as it deals with the emotional aftermath of Farden seeing the woman he loves die and his daughter escape, potentially to fulfill the dark prophesy surrounding her birth Farden, in this book, reminded me a lot of Don Draper from Mad Men he is amazingly skilled when he is properly engaged, and we can t help liking him and rooting for him despite his bad choices and self destructive tendencies You [...]

    8. James Davis says:
      This is so much better than Galley s last two books The difference is stunning, but it s obvious that it s still the same author He just worked hard and improved significantly.I was a little tired of the characters from the previous two books, but I think if the previous two had been written with the quality of this one it would not have been the case When Galley is done with these characters and does a new story altogether, his improved writing will serve him very well He has earned a spot in m [...]

    9. Bev says:
      This is the third book in the series but I get the feeling that is should have been book 2 or another series altogether.I enjoyed book 2 but the beginning of book 3 was a step back Farden was back to being a druggy and whining and feeling sorry for himself Time has moved on and fifteen years have passed but farden has not aged due to his Scalussen armour The drug Nevermar has coooked his memories and he is a part time assassin Then his half daemon daughter appears and farden is dragged back into [...]

    10. CF says:
      Fantastic The best of this compelling series so far Set about fifteen years after the last book A mysterious girl has appeared, and she is targeting Written all across the land, once they encounter her they don t get far Why is this happening Meanwhile Farden has become surly, complacent and sold his soul to the man However when a real threat comes along can be be convinced to help Or is he too wrapped up in his own problems The characters in this are so two sided, no one is inherently good or i [...]

    11. Lou says:
      I discovered Ben Galley and his work around a year or so ago and was immediately impressed I started the Emaneska series, but for reasons unknown I took a massive break before starting on Dead Stars Galley s writing has always been good, but Dead Stars Part One is on another level I love Farden s development throughout this novel he is fast becoming one of my all time favourite characters I also really enjoyed reading the parts about Samara and I m interested to see where Galley takes her charac [...]

    12. Stephen C says:
      Like the others in this series, this book build and builds There is such a depth to this series and here what I really loved was the change in prose throughout between the characters and the gods IN many ways this is a journey book and set up to the final battle but this doesn t in any way mean its not a great read The cover is fantastic as always and makes me glad that I picked this series up when I did.

    13. Tricia says:
      Loved it Great 3rd book in the Emaneska series If you enjoyed The Written and Pale Kings, this book needs to be read It will be released on May 31st along with Dead Stars Part 2 I couldn t stop reading the last half of Part 1, so I definitely can t wait to see how the series ends

    14. Abbe says:
      I just finished reading the book, and I have to say it was terrific Ben Galley has put a wonderfully epic story together I am looking forward to reading book 2, feeling like I shouldn t rush to the end.

    15. James Casey says:
      After reading the first two parts a few months ago, I was eager to read parts three and four, which were bought for me as a gift The story begins fifteen years after Pale Kings left off, with Durnus and Tyrfing trying to rebuild Krauslung, a difficult task after the debacle which it had suffered It seems that Magick is being found in places where it never was before and there is a murderous young girl the illicit daughter of Farden slaying Written indiscriminately A group of three young Gods app [...]

    16. Férial says:
      So much better than the 1st book and better than the 2nd 4.5 stars.The writing, the characterseverything has improved Even the typos luckily.Farden has been to hell and backwell not exactly back he s still fighting his demons , but one can only hope he ll be able to find peace eventually though I cannot see how considering the task he has sworn to achieve Well, hope springs eternal.I have loved to read the story of the Nine 1500 years before Farden s time through the eyes of Korrin one of them , [...]

    17. Victoria Case says:
      This book was again a bit long and overly descriptive but the action certainly picked up towards the last half of the book It is written well okay I caught a few typos grammatical errors so that s not what I m talking about and Mr Galley certainly can weave a nice little spell to keep the reader from getting too bored with all the description Great world building and a fun read Now on to the next

    18. Jessica Baird says:
      I feel as though this book lost its way, the narrative was quite dry and lacklustre and I felt that farden lost a lot of what made him such a vulgar yet charming character, and in the wake of losing that character I found that I just did not care enough for his new persona or that of others in the book to finish it I got through almost all of this book but near to the end I had had enough It was a bit of a disappointment for me after this series seemed to start off so well.

    19. Jacques says:
      Much better than the first two books It seems that Ben is getting better and better with each book he writes I really enjoyed the magical system Ben created and the very descriptive scenery and character emotions Only criticism I have is the amount of spelling grammar other errors persisting throughout the series which, although much less in this book, does detract from being able to enjoy without unnecessary distraction.

    20. Emma says:
      I liked it, but not as much as the second book Pale Kings I felt like I was wallowing in Farden s misery with him for the whole book on and on It was just too much I have already started Part 2 and it s so much better

    21. Max says:
      Not much to say about this Interesting story, much improved language over the first part, but it still did not grip me as much as I would have liked Will read the next and final installment of the series, but overall I am not quite sure what I think about the series.

    22. Robin Leysen says:
      Great evolution from the previous two parts Will have to dig into Part Two immediately Well done.

    23. Ada says:
      If I d had the time I d have finished this book in 1 go Absolutely loved it

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