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Time of Attack

Time of Attack Special Agent Jericho Quinn faces off against an elite group of terrorist assassins and a strange plaque of disease outbreaks Special agent Jericho Quinn hell bent on finding the sniper who attacked

  • Title: Time of Attack
  • Author: Marc Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780786031825
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Special Agent Jericho Quinn faces off against an elite group of terrorist assassins and a strange plaque of disease outbreaks.Special agent Jericho Quinn, hell bent on finding the sniper who attacked his family, steps into an even bigger, and deadlier, conspiracy a secret cabal of elite assassins embedded throughout the globe Infecting the very fabric of the free world.Special Agent Jericho Quinn faces off against an elite group of terrorist assassins and a strange plaque of disease outbreaks.Special agent Jericho Quinn, hell bent on finding the sniper who attacked his family, steps into an even bigger, and deadlier, conspiracy a secret cabal of elite assassins embedded throughout the globe Infecting the very fabric of the free world Exterminating targets with cold, silent precision For Quinn, it s as insidious as the virus that claims new victims each day and he plans to wipe it off the face of the earth

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    • [PDF] Time of Attack | by ¼ Marc Cameron
      367 Marc Cameron
    Time of Attack

    About Author

    1. Marc Cameron says:
      A native of Texas, Marc Cameron is a retired Chief Deputy US Marshal who spent nearly thirty years in law enforcement His assignments have taken him from rural Alaska to Manhattan, from Canada to Mexico and points in between A second degree black belt in jujitsu, he often teaches defensive tactics to other law enforcement agencies and civilian groups Cameron lives in Alaska with his wife and BMW motorcycle.

    Comment 766 on “Time of Attack

    1. Dee Haddrill says:
      Warning there is a spoiler at the end of this review, so don t read it, if you don t want to know.Another explosive thriller by Marc Cameron sees Jericho Quinn trying to track down the assassin who tried to murder his daughter, all while being chased himself for a murder that he did not commit Thankfully, he has his trusty friends to help, whether he wants them to or not Like the previous novels, the book could have been taken straight from the news pages, and it s scary to think of the people t [...]

    2. Jim A says:
      A disappointment to me after the first three novels by Cameron While the first three are a series, they are tied together in a way that doesn t really leave the reader hanging at the end of each book In Time Of Attack, that is not the case.Also, I thought the quality of writing in Time of Attack was not up to par with the first three books, either Not enough story, too many chases and fights Action junkies will like this, but those who look for a little substance in the book will find it lackin [...]

    3. L.A. Starks says:
      If you like books by Vince Flynn or Barry Eisler, Ben Coes or Taylor Stevens, you ll like Marc Cameron s Time of Attack Well researched with great action.

    4. Scott Wright says:
      Three cheers and a great read This series must be read in order so you can know who the players are and how they intertwine You can see a building to a climax I listen to the audiobooks, but the reader keeps changing which is annoying, but I like the series stories enough I put up with it.This one takes Quinn to Japan to escape a bum murder wrap.

    5. Jim says:
      Time of AttackI did not see that ending coming Quinn and his friends will have a battle on their hands in book 5.

    6. Ralph Miller says:
      OkGetting pretty far out there Marc Thanks for fleshing out some of the back stories On to the next one

    7. Robbie says:
      Outstanding Marc Cameron is extremely talented he never disappoints I highly recommend any books in this series.

    8. Tory Michaels says:
      wonderful review soonWow That s about it Wow I ve never read anything by Marc Cameron, certainly nothing in this Jericho Quinn series, but I assure you I intend to correct that oversight I was hooked by the idea of a bio terrorist attack and Mr Cameron never once disappointed me I m not going to waste time with a summary of the plot You who read my reviews regularly know I don t usually do that It doesn t seem necessary Read the book You do not have to have read any of the other books in the ser [...]

    9. Samyann says:
      All in audiobook format, this review references 6 books in the Jericho Quinn series Most are narrated by Tom Weiner, State of Emergency by Luke Daniels All are between 10 11 hours of listening, so in total, all represent approximately 65 hours of the Jericho Quinn adventures.Jericho Quinn is a Mitch Rapp Vince Flynn , Jason Bourne Robert Ludlum , Jack Ryan Tom Clancy well, you get the idea He s the self deprecating good guy tough guy, who loves motorcycles, that the world turns to in the event o [...]

    10. Matt says:
      Cameron brings Jericho Quinn back for another adventure that is sure to leave the reader s head spinning When an assassin s bullet wreaks havoc, Quinn is determined to get to the bottom of this before anyone else can suffer, as his ex wife clings to life While following leads and trying to track down the sniper, based on eyewitness accounts, he is drawn into the history of a friend s past, which may hold all the secrets he needs to uncover his own mystery Headed to Japan to make sense of it all, [...]

    11. Christina says:
      Time of Attack is a part of the Jericho Quinn series by Cameron, but can be read as a stand alone novel This book has two parallel story lines, the first centering on Special Agent Quinn While attending a friend s wedding, his ex wife is shot by a sniper who was aiming for his young daughter Quinn then goes on a hunt to track down the mysterious woman who left his ex wife without a leg Along the way he encounters many interesting characters, and ends up traveling to Japan in an effort to find th [...]

    12. andrew hill says:
      Non stop actionOne if the most exciting books I ve ever read I can t wait to read the next in the series Highly recommended

    13. Timothy says:
      Marc Cameron is one of the new breed of thriller author that has emerged in the last several years along with Ben Coes, Matthew Dunn and others that give us the impression that the thriller genre is in good hands for years to come Cameron is very distinctive also in that you will never see an F bomb or foul language in his books or extreme sexual situations This is very refreshing His books are still awesome and his bad guys are still just as despicable In this fourth entry in the Jericho Quinn [...]

    14. Vicki Elia says:
      Audiobook Review3 StarsSuper Secret Special Agent Jericho Quinn is back in a two pronged story First, a member of his family is shot, and Quinn is out for vengeance He leaves a bloody trail in his wake, from Colorado to Japan Much of the story is centered around his relationship with his mentor and sensie, resulting in an inordinate amount of sword fighting and another bloody trail in Japan.Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the US, grimy politicians are trying to manipulate the balance of power by [...]

    15. Jen says:
      Time of Attack is a Jericho Quinn novel, and evidently these novels are quite well thought of by many The premise involves a deadly virus, a plague introduced as an act of terrorism.Interesting the way the plague is introduced by infecting soldiers about to return home from Afghanistan as they get hair cuts and the way infections are continued in the States through nail salons The possibility of a fatal virus as a form of warfare feels both possible and frightening, and I ve always been interest [...]

    16. Richard Fair says:
      Marc Cameron Attacks Again Marc Cameron is a master at taking his readers on full speed rides that twist and turn in ways you don t expect In this installment of his Jericho Quinn series, he unravels some of the mysteries from books one through three, giving us just a glimpse behind the events that bring the nation to the very edge of destruction Jericho finds himself involved even deeply, but this time on a very personal level With his manipulative style of writing, Cameron draws us deeper wit [...]

    17. Maryellen says:
      The only thing I can say about this book is when is the next one coming out I ve read all the Jericho Quinn novels, but this one had me riveted I read it in 48 hours if that tells you anything This novel features two plot lines, one in which Jericho is actively involved, taking him to Japan without his usual compadres The other plot is simultaneously occurring in the US, compelling and has yet to be resolved In this book, author Cameron shows a personal side of Jericho Quinn and it serves to hu [...]

    18. Brian says:
      Jericho Quinn in Japan What a stretch of plot, in fact, after 400 pages the Jericho gets the guy or Emiko does Suddenly Thibideau and good looking girl friend show up to save the day The biological terrorist attack was sort of resolved, the House Speaker who shot up earlier in the book becomes President A big fat sprawling plot that basically is a trip to Japan and the rest of the story remains unresolved What a mess and very disappointing Cheesiness galore with the required motorcycle race at t [...]

    19. Gail Gammell says:
      As typical of Marc Cameron s Jericho Quinn stories, this was fast paced, thrilling and as you can see by how quickly I read this a real page turner In fact I was up most of the night reading this.I find Cameron s descriptions so detailed, they put you in the scene, much like a film In fact these would translate very well to the screen I am very put off by vulgar language and explicit sex so am pleased that like his fellow thriller author Lee Child, Cameron employs such language very sparingly an [...]

    20. Wayne says:
      Add Marc Cameron to my list of authors whose works I enjoy reading My library does not carry his 1st 3 books, so I started my Jericho Quinn saga with Time of Attack book 4 This story involves Agent Jericho Quinn s attempt to seek revenge for the attempted murder of his ex wife In doing this, he gets involved in an international conspiracy to kill thousands of Americans using bio terrorism.Full of interesting characters, Time of Attack is a gripping account of 21st century terrorism The ending is [...]

    21. Debra Davis says:
      Great book I didn t realize when I picked up this book, but when I started reading, I remember the characters and found I had read the last book about them a couple months ago Jericho Quinn and his family were at a friend s wedding at the Air Force Academy in Colorado and a sniper takes a shot at his little daughter, the sniper missing by a hairs breathed but the bullets hits his x wife in the thigh WHEN Jericho goes after the sniper and the person who hires him, his hunt takes him half way arou [...]

    22. CL says:
      Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewAn exciting thriller based upon the threat of bio terrorism It was fast paced with a lot of action and you get to meet some interesting characters However, when I started, I couldn t help but feel that the author had expected you to read the previous books in the series first which I unfortunately had not This was confirmed when the book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and you can tell that the plot will continue in the next book.I kn [...]

    23. Mao says:
      This book does really well in the action department Literally non stop action one after another The action was the only thing that got me to finish reading this book A lot of it was spent describing Quinn s adventure from the States, to fighting the yakuza and finding Oda that everything else kind of disappeared into the background At one point, I completely forgot this book was also about a viral outbreak This is by no means a bad book but it isn t one of the better books I ve read either.

    24. Tom Tischler says:
      Special Agent Jericho Quinn is determined to find the sniper who tried to kill his daughter and unknowingly steps into a bigger and deadlier conspiracy This is asecret cabal of elite assassins embedded around the world For Quinn he is determined to wipe them off the face of the earth along with a virus that is claimingnew victims every day This is book four in the JerichoQuinn series and I think it is the best so far A page turner from start to finish.

    25. Al says:
      This was an enjoyable book Lots of intrigue Several story lines run concurrently, which is usually a problem for me but I had little difficulty following it My biggest complaint about this book is that I felt the author did not finish all of the stories to my satisfaction He wrapped everything up in the epilogue So I know the end of everything but did not have the enjoyment of another 50 100 pages which is what I would have prefered.

    26. Jennifer H says:
      This was an okay read A super secret special forces novel that takes itself very seriously I really liked the Japanese culture aspect I also work with someone with the same name as the president in the book, but I wouldn t pass it on because of what happens It s a really a pretty scary scenario to lay out Stop giving bad guys ideas Also, I picked this up in the middle of what is clearly a series, so take into account I read it without that historical knowledge.

    27. Valerie Downs says:
      Awesome.This can be a stand alone book, but you sure wouldnt want it to be The plot through this series becomes intricate and intriguing with every page SPOILER ALERT I am not a fan of cliff hanger books and this one almost gets there, but with a good enough resolution to the story to satisfy the reader That being said I am pretty sure that Jericho Quinn fans will have his next book in the series at the top of their next to read list.

    28. Gophergirl58 says:
      I loved the book, but missed it having of Thibodeaux along with Quinn I also became lost in some of the quick dialogue of the motorcycle races, etc which flew over my head, my not being a motorcyclist It seemed to me, though, that the bio terrorism ending was rushed where Cameron had the book going back and forth between three different situations going on within the book, or three different situations where updates occurred within different characters.

    29. Nate Bowen says:
      This was a blast to read From start to finish it s no stop action I makes it even fun when the author uses names of people he knows as characters Including yours truly as Marshel August Bowen thanks Marc This book, like his others, is packed with intersecting plot lines, character development, high paced action, and shocking plot turns The pages fly by leaving you lusting for

    30. Luann says:
      Cameron has become a king of the cliff hanger in his books Fortunately I m enjoying them enough to want to keep picking them up to read the next chapter in Jericho Quinn s quest to rid the world of bad guys intent on bringing harm upon the United States Time of Attack was a page turner like the last three have been Getting ready to buy the fifth hopefully not the last in the series.

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