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I Liked You When I Thought I was Dead

I Liked You When I Thought I was Dead Casey s new chapbook is short and sweet Well at least one of those are true Upon discovering she s still alive she gets drunk and can t seem to remember a single good quality about her ex All in a d

  • Title: I Liked You When I Thought I was Dead
  • Author: Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
  • ISBN: 9780976947639
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Casey s new chapbook is short and sweet Well, at least one of those are true Upon discovering she s still alive, she gets drunk and can t seem to remember a single good quality about her ex All in a day s work Poetry, Dark humor.

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    • [PDF] I Liked You When I Thought I was Dead | by ✓ Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
      371 Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens

    About Author

    1. Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens says:
      Casey s work strives to expose the distorted mainstream ideas of beauty, while bringing quirkiness to the daring truth of self reflection With dark, abrupt and often unsettling humor, she writes about identity, relationships, depression, mental illness and the human condition Her recent work is full of undertones struggling to overcome the trauma, self loathing, and confusion of parental narcissistic abuse.

    Comment 706 on “I Liked You When I Thought I was Dead

    1. Addie LeMaster says:
      I loved how dark it was It was kind of fun to read as well Really quick and great poetry So glad I own this book

    2. Steveinie says:
      Beautiful book of poetry Absolutely loved Hole and can t wait to read by this author

    3. Nikki says:
      I won this in a author giveaway Casey Renee Kiser sent it with a Valentine s card and a bookmark, which was very sweet The poems are relatable to anyone who has ever been in a less than functional relationship They re morbid, in a light hearted way I know that makes no sense, but once you read the poemsyou ll get it They re cute and snarky, without crossing the line into bitter All in all, a good read.

    4. Katherine says:
      This is an amazing book of poetry I received this as a First Reads Winner I am so glad I entered the giveaway Once I started it I didn t put the book down I can t wait to get hold of the author s other books.

    5. Jill says:
      Just got this book in the mail and devoured it in about 10 minutes Ex slamming and fun yet has a dark side i definitely enjoyed if you like those kind of books i highly recommend My favorite poem in the book was Dissolve Loved it Thank you so much for my free copy Casey

    6. Steph says:
      I am starting to become a very big fan of Ms Kiser I feel comfortable rolling around in the darkness that emanates from her poetry, and I find it to be extremely relatable She puts into words many of the thoughts that I have had, and she does an excellent job at it I am looking forward to reading another book that I have that was written by her, called Swan Wreck.

    7. Ashley says:
      I recently received this in the mail after winning a copy from First Reads program This is a really enjoyable book of poetry I love finding new poets, and I m glad I discovered this one The poems are honest, and dark This is a great read, and I can t wait to read of her work.

    8. Meshell says:
      A bit blue and depressing for me but very relate able in places and very very well written glad I had this little win from.

    9. Molly says:
      This looks really good and I would love to read it Entered the giveaway but even if I don t win I m still going to look for it 3 On my to read list.

    10. Sara Stalder says:
      Can I start off by saying, that this author is so nice I received this book of poems in the mail before Christmas as a first reads winner and the author even included a cute little Christmas card Anyway, I have been wanting to read poetry lately, and I think this collection of poems was a good way to start The book contains about 30 or so poems that are short and sweet, and yet devilishly cunning and dark at the same time.

    11. Mckenzie Richardson says:
      I love Kiser s poetry Dark and lovely, haunting and humorous I love the imagery she utilizes and the beauty she creates from negativity Straight forward and to the point like all the best poetry.

    12. Aleah says:
      I liked the art in this book I only liked two poems and they were just mediocre.

    13. Alan says:
      Great little book of poems Great bathroom or bedside book

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