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Secrets of a Side Bitch

Secrets of a Side Bitch Meet Omari a gorgeous hard working twenty eight year old man from the Southside of Chicago No matter how hard he works at his job at UPS it is never enough to take care of himself and his long term

  • Title: Secrets of a Side Bitch
  • Author: Jessica N. Watkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Omari a gorgeous, hard working, twenty eight year old man from the Southside of Chicago No matter how hard he works at his job at UPS, it is never enough to take care of himself and his long term girlfriend After continuous pressure from his older cousin, Ching, Omari finally traded in busting his ass for working under Ching hustling three major blocks on the WestsiMeet Omari a gorgeous, hard working, twenty eight year old man from the Southside of Chicago No matter how hard he works at his job at UPS, it is never enough to take care of himself and his long term girlfriend After continuous pressure from his older cousin, Ching, Omari finally traded in busting his ass for working under Ching hustling three major blocks on the Westside All is good as Omari juggles work and the drug game That is, until Ching involves him in the murder of, who ends up being, the Governor s nephew As he dodges homicide detectives, Omari is also trying to dodge getting caught between two loves He s been committed to Aeysha for seven years, but is falling each day for Simone, an older established woman who is at his every beck and call After years of playing the side chick, Simone finally finds love that she thinks is all her own Just as she settles into loving Omari, she finds out about Aeysha and her desperate mind begins to plot on how to finally win her man Simone s best friend, Tammy, thinks Simone is crazy as she herself is running from an obsessed ex boyfriend who is persistent in trying to kill her Tammy lives in hiding for months as she asks herself this burning question how can a man love a woman with the same hands that he is willing to kill her with As the murder investigation leads to arrests, the walls come down on these lovers Murder, sex, and indictments lead to unforeseen

    • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Secrets of a Side Bitch : by Jessica N. Watkins
      141 Jessica N. Watkins

    About Author

    1. Jessica N. Watkins says:
      Author of Urban Chick Lit, Erotica, and Contemporary Urban Fiction Jessica N Watkins was born April 1st in Chicago, Illinois She obtained a Bachelors of Arts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and Masters of Applied Professional Studies with focus in Business Administration from the like institution Working in Hospital Administration for the majority of her career, Watkins has also been an author of fiction literature since the young age of nine Eventually she used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year of high school as a single parent In the third grade I entered a short story contest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite the efforts of the darling main character My writing evolved from apple trees to my seventh and eighth grade classmates paying me to read novels I had written about kids our age living the lives our parents wouldn t dare let us At the age of twenty eight, Watkins chronicles have matured into steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of women s literature She hopes that The Epitome of Femistry series will successfully emulate ideal femininity while tackling stereotypes, familiar heartache, and relatable distress in a humorous, sophisticated, and erotic fashion.Jessica N Watkins is available for talks, workshops or book signings Email her for information at Jessica femistrypress.Additional information can be found at jessica n watkins.Follow Jessica on Twitter authorjwatkins.Follow Jessica on Facebook facebook authorjwatkins

    Comment 387 on “Secrets of a Side Bitch

    1. Nakia says:
      If you don t mind terrible grammar extremely unrealistic scenarios on every page and characters who are illogical, one dimensional, and cruel for no real reason, this is the book for you Not my cup of tea.

    2. Me'Tova Hollingsworth says:
      It s been a long time, since I ve read a book like this This book contained everything I loved to read about in a good book drama, action, murder, suspense, sex Jessica Watkins know she held me by the collar from page one, and she didn t let go until the very, very end and then my eyes were still locked at To Be Continued I went through so many emotions while reading this book happy, sad, angry This was a superior read, and high quality ratings were in order I am certain that the sequel will be [...]

    3. SℓιM says:
      Few Spoilers This book, is actually good Man Simone had me feeling all types of emotions lol she makes me not want to finish the other books in the series.I already know, I m a want to continue the rest of the series to I just knew Omari woman was going to get killed while pregnant.The killer is either Simone, Ebony, or Ching friends.I m so irritated I hate reading books that has babies, children and teens killed I m also like what happen to the baby over and over.Plus, I also felt bad for Tammi [...]

    4. Tamiko Covington says:
      THE secret is that heifer crazy This book is exceptionally good

    5. Howard says:
      The book was actually good I been had this book and finally gotten around to reading it One thing for sure That Simone girl was annoying asf She worse then the girl from Murderville Like damn man Psychopath And Omari can t see how she is either He s just running up in her with no care in the world But what s funny is even though his girl got killed Simone doing he still don t want her Ass I cannot wait until I start on part 2 and cop 3 and 4 Not sure if I will read Simone story her Ass to stress [...]

    6. Skai says:
      Spoilers Just A few I didn t know this book was actually this good But I can say lordy, this book had me mad, sad, angry, grumpy, laughing all in one take I was shaking my head most of the time Always saying REALLY What gets me is Omari own cousin Ching thinking he snitch on him just because hes not about the drug life Someone probably snitch on him some one in his own camp or someone probably seen him picked the boy up I wonder if he will get someone to do something to Omari I already know Omar [...]

    7. Terri says:
      3.5 stars The plot held my interest from the first page I would have given 4 stars for better editing Too many misspelled words, one of the character s last name changed throughout the book Ayesha s last name went from Walker to Richardson and no, she didn t get married , and grammatical errors.

    8. Dominique says:
      Wow I am angry with Simone Crazy turn of events for this story with a very shocking ending Too many typos It could have received a good editing but the storylines were great Could have been a four star book but the typos were a but much.

    9. Romania says:
      Wow interesting book How long I had this book in my kindle, I should ve read it But I actually listen to it on audible lol It was worth the wait Can t wait to read the other books in the series.

    10. Karen Reynolds says:
      never do i want to be the chick going through all this

    11. MZURAQT says:
      Sexy,young and hard working who wouldn t want a man like that Meet Omari, all he wants to do is a make an honest living but it seems no matter how hard he works its not enough to keep him and his girlfriend above water Left with no other options he turns to his cousin Ching for help.Soon Omari finds himself caught up in a homicide investigation and balancing two loves Simone wants a love that she can call her own but she always finds herself only being a side piece After seeing Omari she just kn [...]

    12. Meek says:
      Secrets of side BitchThat trick Simone is one psycho chick, Omari is so blind by her goodies couldn t see the real insecure, unstable and psychotic Simone see that s the problem with men they ll stick their john anyway and don t think of the consequences Because of Omari, Ayesha had to suffer I m pissed didn t understand why she have to go out like that, wasn t she one of the main character I really hate when books end like, that alone will make not want to buy the next book The ending sucks and [...]

    13. Natasha potts says:
      its been a long time since I read a book like the all I have to say is job well done Jessica n watkins

    14. Kendell That'sMe says:
      Just finished reading Secrets of a side bitch.This book was so good held my attention from the 1st page til the last.Made me laugh and cry at times.Shook my head at the lengths some woman would go through just to be 1 in man s life.Ayesha was my favorite character she was the only true female.Ebony, Tammy Simone was devious.Omari I liked his character but he was starting to get on my nerves at times couldn t make up his mind Don t want to give to much away But This book is a must Read.Ist book b [...]

    15. Nicole Hughes says:
      I enjoyed this book, I liked the story line and the plot The characters needed personality development and the dialogue between characters was too simplistic I expected the book to complete to story line of each character but that was not the case Overall it was still an enjoyable and quick read.

    16. Kellee says:
      Whew, Lawd I loved this book Before I was halfway through, I recommended it to a few friends who like this genre It was NON STOP drama I didn t get bored at all Starting Part 2 as soon as I post this to Great job Ms Mrs Watkins

    17. Tip Reads says:
      Wow is all I can say about this page turner I have fallen in love with my new tablet and all the free e books provided on through the kindle app This was a fast read for I look forward to read books by this author and reading the rest of the series.

    18. Metris says:
      Right now I m speechless and frustrated and sad and pissed SMDH wineisnecessary

    19. Ti'Africia Lucas- Woodard says:
      Loved this book Can t wait for next installment

    20. L. (Your Migraines Are Podcasts Trying To Be Produced) says:
      Pure soap opera as we follow several characters in Chicago and their messed up, interconnecting lives.Aeysha is a woman in a bad place in her life She s laid off and can t find work, she s told she can t have children, her boyfriend is a whore, she s lost confidence in herself Aeysha was the one character I was rooting for to get her life back together view spoiler Sadly it doesn t work out as author Jessica Watkins genuinely shocks me by killing off the one likable protagonist in her story hide [...]

    21. Ari Maddie Ajai says:
      Review from Ari of Divas Read Too Since I am a book a holic and I have a one click addiction that my husband wishes he hadn t married into, I couldn t ignore this book When it was released, it was the topic of conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, from the title to the contents I, personally, don t really like the title But the reviews were pouring in, one 5 Star review after another so I decided to one click it for 99cents and see what Secrets of a Side Bitch was all about I finishe [...]

    22. Michele Wesley says:
      Excellent Read, highly entertaining Some parts had me laughing out loud The end had me asking, What the Can t wait to get into the next book Great job Ms Watkins.

    23. Smile24k says:
      Sooooo, in my opinion, this is one of those books that if you ve read it, you don t tell anyone you ve read it This is not normally a book I would read I am not a fan of romance or tons of sex in a book I decided to read this book because at the time I got it, it was free and I just couldn t find anything I wanted to read It got such good reviews and seemed like it could be an easy read to pass the time The book is super stereotypical when it comes to urban or street culture, and there is not on [...]

    24. Camille says:
      The fact that this book had a four and half rating and over 2,200 reviews on made me want to read it not to mention it was part of Kindle Unlimited I enjoy urban fiction when I m looking for a quick page turner to read And guess what I wasn t disappointed It fulfilled all my needs quick read, drama filled with petty horrible people and bad decision after bad decisions Yup, I had fun.If you are naturally inclined to read a novel titled Secrets of a Side Bitch you will get what you expect and enjo [...]

    25. Melissa Love says:
      The characters we great and they kept the flow of the story on point I knew what relationship each characters had in the story I was able to go through the same emotion as all of the characters went through which kept me reading for because I need to find out what was going to happen next I did feel this book is a lesson in itself I wouldn t go as farrry I didn t want to spoil the book, but you ll get the picture Get the book Now on to part two.

    26. Leondra LeRae says:
      This Book Just Put Me All Into My Feelings I Bought The Book When It First Released But Never Opened It After Hearing Everybody Raving About How This Was Such A Good Book, I Finally Opened It And Have Been Hooked Since Page One I Fell In Love With Omari His Doggish Behind But His Love For Aeysha Was Genuine And I Loved It Although I Wish The Outcome Was Different, I Enjoyed This Read From Beginning To End I Have One Hashtag Though ByeSimone

    27. Shay says:
      OMG I didn t think I would like this book when I started it but it turns out that I loved it The twists and turns, how the author developed the characters and the story line were mesmerising I think that this could be possible and may make people think twice when stepping out on their partner Going to download the second part and see if that is as addictive as the first book So look out for my review of that book

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