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War of the Cards

War of the Cards The final book in the twisted YA trilogy re imagining of the origin story of the Queen of Hearts Dinah has lost everyone she ever loved Her brother was brutally murdered The wicked man she believed wa

  • Title: War of the Cards
  • Author: Colleen Oakes
  • ISBN: 9780062409812
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook
  • The final book in the twisted YA trilogy re imagining of the origin story of the Queen of Hearts.Dinah has lost everyone she ever loved Her brother was brutally murdered The wicked man she believed was her father betrayed her Her loyal subjects have been devastated by war And the boy she gave her heart to broke it completely.Now a dark queen has risen out of the ashesThe final book in the twisted YA trilogy re imagining of the origin story of the Queen of Hearts.Dinah has lost everyone she ever loved Her brother was brutally murdered The wicked man she believed was her father betrayed her Her loyal subjects have been devastated by war And the boy she gave her heart to broke it completely.Now a dark queen has risen out of the ashes of her former life Fury is blooming inside Dinah, poisoning her soul and twisting her mind All she has left is Wonderland and her crown, and her obsession to fight for both But the war rages on, and Dinah could inherit a bloodstained throne Can a leader filled with love and rage ever be the ruler her kingdom needs Or will her all consuming wrath bring Wonderland to its knees This is not a story of happily ever after.This is the story of the Queen of Hearts.

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    • Unlimited War of the Cards - by Colleen Oakes
      278 Colleen Oakes

    About Author

    1. Colleen Oakes says:
      Colleen Oakes is the author of books for both teens and adults, including YA fantasy retellings The Queen of Hearts Saga and The Wendy Darling Saga, and the Elly in Bloom series which is women s fiction She lives in North Denver with her husband and son and surrounds herself with the most lovely family and friends imaginable When not writing or plotting new books, Colleen can be found swimming, traveling and totally immersing herself in nerdy pop culture She currently at work on another YA fantasy series and a stand alone YA novel You can visit her webpage at colleenoakes

    Comment 887 on “War of the Cards

    1. Colleen Oakes says:
      This book is for all the girls who were told that their anger was unattractive, unladylike and hysterical For the villains and the heroes and for those of us who will always be a bit of both For the hearts that bleed and those who would make them bleed.This is the end of the story of the Queen of Hearts.

    2. Sandra (LadyGrey Reads) says:
      I am your queen and you will listen to my command Dinah, the exiled princess of Wonderland, is marching to war with her army of Spades and Yurkei warriors En route to Wonderland Palace, she has to deal with and settle the tensions in camp, while also trying to ignore the dark fury inside of her and her broken heart All of this is observed by her real father, Cheshire, who seems all too pleased with her dark mood And as the war begins, secret upon secret is unravelled, turning Dinah s life upside [...]

    3. Sara says:
      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I ll start this review by saying I didn t read the two previous novels in the trilogy, and as such I do think I missed a lot of the character development and any emotional attachment readers who read the previous instalments will have for these characters Dinah is returning home to claim the throne that is rightfully hers The Queen of Hearts, with a shattered heart herself, she s prepared to stop at nothing to get to what is rightfu [...]

    4. Kitkat says:
      Many characters fought and died but she did it Dinah did it and I m so happy I loved Cheshire so much for everything He truly was a genius through the end and I loved her kids They were adorable I loved this series so much I m happy I read it

    5. Holly says:
      I thought this was a satisfying conclusion to this trilogy I loved how Colleen weaves her own story but included bits from Lewis s Alice in Wonderland I never get tired of Alice retelling s and this is probably one of my favorites.

    6. nat says:
      woah this was dark y allobably the bloodiest out of all three books, and mama liked it Dinah was savage that girl went through hell, and came out victorious she wasn t perfect, and had a hell of a lot of anger issues can t really blame her though, with parents like hers but what she did to Wardley was straight up cruel, but hey she got the guy, and that s all that really matters, right

    7. Brittany Deroche says:
      Okay this book is my favorite in the series by far I had my suspicions about the ending and although I d start to push them aside ultimately I had foreseen what would happen All in all this book was great The ending where they tied together the well loved version of Alice in Wonderland that we all know was really awesome And it made me see the Red Queen in a completely different way.

    8. Cadie Sommer says:
      I absolutely adore this series I also love how the author reconciled how Lewis Carrol wrote a novelization of the event Series well done

    9. Jeeya Singh says:
      OMG OMG OMG THIS WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGG AND I JUST COULDNT PUT IT DOWN To be honest, the ending was bittersweet but then book was so eventful that it kept you on the edge of your seat

    10. Lara Suleiman says:
      I am speechless.I can t believe that I found the book before the release date which I have been counting down the days for I absolutely LOVED this book It always stated interesting and was very fast For sure one of my favorite retellings

    11. Jayme Teague gauthier says:
      Loved this series My only regret about this book is I never had the audio book

    12. Justine says:
      May your broken hearts beat strong feelsThe BEST out of the series It was empowering and the way Lewis was included Amazing I find this conclusion very interesting In terms of which turn of event and direction will the author takes us And it delievered.I always thought of abandoning the series Glad I didn t.

    13. Ricky says:
      It s a strange case, this book I really don t know why I gave the first Queen of Hearts book five stars any I mean, I liked the book, I thought it was fun, but five stars worth of fun More like four, maybe Certainly not as down in quality as the sopho slump that was Blood of Wonderland And now, here we get the trilogy s conclusion in War of the Cards, which, like its predecessor, actually lacks a little in what its title promisesbut overall doesn t lose the fast moving, addictive quality that ma [...]

    14. Lauren R. says:
      The strongest of the series, which is always good for a finale I didn t love it this book or the series overall but they were fast paced, intriguing Wonderland retellings Not sure how I d recommend this series because the first two books basically had nothing happen, but ended with interesting cliffhangers I was happy with the end of the book and the direction she took the story.

    15. Deanna says:
      Oh my god This was so good Love love love how Colleen ended the series Will definitely re read this series one day.

    16. Erin W says:
      This book was hands down the best one in the trilogy This was AMAZINGG

    17. Rachael says:
      Everyone is marching to fight in the war for Dinah to take back the crown as the Queen of Hearts With the Spades and the Yurkei warriors fighting for Dinah, they march towards Wonderland But Dinah is fighting with this fury that is building up inside of her and if she doesn t control it a lot of people will be hurt As we begin to question whether or not she will make a good Queen, mistakes are made that can not be undone.This was a great finale in this Queen of Hearts retelling trilogy There wer [...]

    18. Jennifer Kelly says:
      This is 3.5 stars for me I did forget some things from the previous books one reason I like to read all the books at once and had to look up a synopsis, but after that I was good This book starts right in the action as Dinah goes to overthrow the King of Hearts Things I liked Dinah s character arc from the beginning of the series, the writing is easy to read and the books have large margins , the Yurkei tribe, and the resurgence of a character from Dinah s childhood Things that didn t jive for [...]

    19. Vianey [CryztalHeavenlyBookz] says:
      Rating 4.5 WARNING Be aware this paragraph contains spoilers from a fangirl Fangirling with her soul I can t believe myself at this point I read this whole entire series in 2 Days guys 2 Days Dinah Has to be one of the charcaters that will forever stay with me I connected with her so much In ways beyond believable I suffer and cry with her and when that stupid Wardeley Sorry I do not know how to spell his name because that s how much I hated him broke her heart compleately when he rejected her E [...]

    20. Chloe (QuothTheBookLover) says:
      4.75Okay.Where do I even begin SpoilersI cannot deal with this book I LOVE this series but THIS BOOK DESTROYED MY ENTIRE SOUL This series is so underrated and just so amazing.The reason it is 4.75 is just because of what happens between Dinah, Vittoire and Wardley I saw the romance coming I knew that was going to happen in book two but WHAT I DID NOT SEE COMING was the beheading That destroyed me and I can t get over it I haven t stopped thinking about it since I read which is why I gave it a hi [...]

    21. Scarlett says:
      I did not expect to like this book as much as I did, especially since I felt fairly lukewarm towards the first too But surprisingly I loved it I couldn t put it down, the pages just kept turning and turning There was a twist that I saw coming, but then there were others that surprised me And then the ending I was NOT expecting, which was surprisingly pleasant I was truly expecting this story to go one way and it did not but in a great way I grew to love Dinah who has changed so much from the bra [...]

    22. Chelsea says:
      I waited three and a half years for this book and I went ahead and bought it because it was impossible to get a free ebook With that said, for most of the book I wanted to give it one star It s very predictable You can tell from the second book the two main plot twist Cheshire is behind everything wardley can t love Dinah because he looks vittorie who they turn into Alice at the last minute which is like MEH Along with giving a little head nod to Lewis s original book by claiming wardley tells h [...]

    23. Ms. McFaul says:
      2 stars BECAUSE IT IS FINALLY OVER I NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE DRIVEL OAKES SPEWS I have to shout because it really was not a good trilogy Some of the ideas were cool, some of the events were interesting, but there are so many flaws, and so many times I wanted to barf in frustration with the yuk of this series YAY NO MORE

    24. Christine says:
      This book made me human We all have the black fury inside us so don t go roaming around hating on the Queen of hearts It also taught me that you can t have it all unlike the promise of a fairytale.

    25. Anne Oftedahl says:
      I honestly don t even know It s like the entire trilogy was overall really good, but there are all of these little things that are just meh

    26. Amber (The Books and Coffee Blog) says:
      Review coming soon

    27. Emmi Rose (emmirosereads) says:
      This was definitely my favorite book in the trilogy I absolutely ADORED it My heart is so broken over the second half of this book and the ending though.

    28. MissBecka says:
      Holy freaking crap This series was AMAZING The world building, the action, adventure and intrigue sucked me in completely

    29. Brittni says:
      Oh my god, I just can t even I loved this final to the series, and the tiny little twist just killed me One thing Morte is and will always be the best thing every.

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