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A Crime of Passion

A Crime of Passion A beautiful young rising star in the country music world is found dead in a Nashville hotel room The owner of her record company is charged with murder In the seventh installment of Scott Pratt s be

  • Title: A Crime of Passion
  • Author: Scott Pratt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A beautiful, young, rising star in the country music world is found dead in a Nashville hotel room The owner of her record company is charged with murder In the seventh installment of Scott Pratt s bestselling Joe Dillard series, Dillard is hired to travel to Tennessee s capital city to defend Paul Milius, a record company baron accused of strangling Kasey Cartwright, hiA beautiful, young, rising star in the country music world is found dead in a Nashville hotel room The owner of her record company is charged with murder In the seventh installment of Scott Pratt s bestselling Joe Dillard series, Dillard is hired to travel to Tennessee s capital city to defend Paul Milius, a record company baron accused of strangling Kasey Cartwright, his label s young star Dillard navigates Nashville s unfamiliar legal system and the world of country music in search of the truth, but he soon finds himself confronted with a web of lies so masterfully woven that he fears he may never find any answers As the trial begins and the tension mounts, Dillard fears that not only will his client be wrongfully convicted, but that Dillard himself may not survive If you like Reacher, the Lincoln Lawyer, Jake Brigance and Paul Madriani, you ll be excited to meet Joe Dillard Five Star Review I predict it won t be long before you see Scott Pratt s name mentioned with Lee Child, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, and Steve Martini when critics talk about legal crime fiction Five Star Review Every bit as good as Grisham Superb characterization, suspense, drama Five Star Review I love the Dillard Series by Scott Pratt As a retired attorney who practiced transactional law and not civil or criminal litigation, I appreciate the way Scott reveals the tension between defense attorneys and prosecutors, the prejudic

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    About Author

    1. Scott Pratt says:
      Scott Pratt was born in South Haven, Michigan, in 1956, and grew up in Jonesborough, Tennessee He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from East Tennessee State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Tennessee He lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, with his wife and four dogs.

    Comment 501 on “A Crime of Passion

    1. Mark Rubinstein says:
      A Crime of Passion is the 7th Joe Dillard novel Scott Pratt is a wonderful storyteller This one has Joe going to Nashville to defend a record mogul against murder charges All sorts of complications arise This one has lots of suspense, tension, and excellent characterizations I ve enjoyed every one of the Joe Dillard novels, without exception, and this one reads as smooth as glass Kudos to the author Mark Rubinstein,Author of Mad Dog Justice

    2. Matt says:
      Pratt returns with another Joe Dillard novel, sure to entertain those who love the legal thriller genre Just as Dillard is keeping things balanced at home around the holidays, a call comes in, seeking some high profile legal representation down in Nashville Dillard agrees to the high retainer, hesitant that his personal life might be a house of cards ready to fall When an up and coming country singer is found dead in her hotel room, the well to do music producer is the prime suspect, especially [...]

    3. Sandy James says:
      A little disappointing I love the Joe Dillard books, and this one had me in the beginning It lost me in the last few chapters They were so unrealistic

    4. Gloria Bernal says:
      The last novel in the Joe Dillard series I put it off awhile, as I was sad to see it come to an end I absolutely love the character of Joe Dillard Every woman s dream of a husband, father, and ethical kind hearted human being In this one, the case he reluctantly takes on is to defend a rich client, owner of a musical record company The man is accused of murdering one of his stars, an 18 year old with a voice that has already brought him significant revenue, and a future filled with promise in co [...]

    5. Kathy says:
      I have become invested in Joe Dillard and those that surround him Success on the part of Scott Pratt I find myself rooting for Joe in his legal efforts and especially for Joe and his wife Caroline s never ending fight against cancer It is wonderful to portray a strong couple, who even though they have their differences opinions, strengths, personalities, etc , know what is important and have the strength as a couple to fight together and maintain that wonderful and strong relationship I am pulli [...]

    6. Yvonne Moncovich says:
      A Crime of Passion was like the earlier Joe Dillard series In an interesting twist we knew right from the start whodunnit and spent the remainder of the book watching how that played out Joe is capably assisted by Charleston Story from the prior book and his son Jack who is finishing up law school After seeing Joe primarily work alone it was a different dynamic to see him working a case with others and bringing their spin into the defense Enough of the original supporting cast was there that th [...]

    7. Jim says:
      Better than average book from the Joe Dillard series Kept me far interested than some in series.

    8. Gary S says:
      great read, just like the earlier Joe Dillard series would recommend.

    9. Pisces51 says:
      FOUR STARSI just finished reading Crime Of Passion by self published author Scott Pratt It is the 7th Book in a series which features attorney and former Army Ranger Joe Dillard His outstanding debut novel An Innocent Client made me a fan of Pratt s protagonist Joe Dillard right out of the gate, and as a result I followed Joe s exploits from Book 2 through Book 4 I subsequently walked away from Joe s adventures with the legal system, the lawless, and automatic weapons for a period of time This m [...]

    10. connie pickett says:
      Good story nice styleI would give this 3 and 1 2 stars but I didn t know how The protagonist is a very likeable character and all the plots in the series are different so the series doesn t read like a soap opera I don t care for nonlinear story line but I keep reading the series One big continuity flaw, however, in one of the first series Joe Dillard s eyes were described as hazel Then in another book both his and his sister s eyes are described as green In book seven, his client s wife mention [...]

    11. Melody says:
      WOULD GIVE THIS A 7 STAR IF I COULDWOW What a surprise ending all the way around This one has celebrities, every day type people, and the suspense I read Mr Pratt s blog and found out he s been through the cancer scene himself, with his wife No wonder that part wit Joe Dillard s wife has been so real I m so sorry both of you had have to do that Back to the book, I won t say this had a bad ending but it definitely is a much different ending that the other books My advicen with Book 1 in the Joe D [...]

    12. Anna Marie says:
      I have enjoyed the series with Dillard The writing style allows for a quick, easy, entertaining read Although the ending this time was a little too quickly wrapped up And Dillard always has his clients hold back something until the very end So much so that it s annoying to the reader when a question from the first chapter isn t answered revealed until the very end At least the answer to this book s hold out question what did she say to make you slap her wasn t an earth shattering surprise ending [...]

    13. Jeanne Abbott says:
      Excellent Pratt has delivered another outstanding book This one may be my favorite so far, but I say that about each of his books Some authors write less interesting books as the years go by Pratt just gets better Joe Dillard is an attorney who has morals Yes, morals He flies a little under the radar but breaking the law isn t something he ll do He s tough on prosecutors and judgesally tough If you like Grisham and Baldacci which I do , you ll want to begin with book one in the Joe Dillard serie [...]

    14. Nancy Silk says:
      An Intense Legal Thriller This is another great novel from author Scott Pratt Now Joe Dillard is available to hire as a defense attorney But as usual, he gets involves with crime solving, too In Nashville, Tennessee, popular young country singer Kasey Cartwright is strangled to death in her hotel room Paul Milius, a record company baron, seeks Dillard s defense as he is arrested for the crime As usual, Dillard gets caught up into a web of deceit and lies This novel is fast moving, intense, and y [...]

    15. Dee King says:
      That was a good trial For a bit there I thought it might go a different way I m really starting to worry about Caroline I m not sure Joe can handle her not being in his life I ve never liked Randy, so his straying doesn t bother me We ll see how that plays out though I do like Charlie and Jack is a good character, I want of them Looking forward to book 8 I think it s the final one, I m a little sad about that.

    16. Sandy Lozito says:
      Always a solid, fast paced read I have read all of Scott Pratt s books, and they are always a pleasure He continues to develop his characters nicely, and always has a few surprises This one had fewer surprises than his earlier books, but his stories are always interesting and riveting.

    17. Swindall's Attic says:
      Outstanding Series This book as great as all the rest I love the entire Joe Dillard Series written by Scott Pratt They are all very intriguing, interesting and entertaining.Each book builds on the previous will characters who are real and convincing and come to life while evolving with each page in a very believable way This series is a must read for the crime loving reader.

    18. Hannah Cahill says:
      GoodBetter than the last book As the story goes along I find myself wondering about the individual characters Makes me want to read the next one The author doesn t beat you in the head or shove them down your throat he gives you glimpses into their lives that make you wonder An excellent story teller

    19. Victor G Zilinskas says:
      another great bookScott Pratt is one of my favorite authors Each of his books is well written, exciting, and engaging I am sorry that l have to wait for him to write the next one Highly recommend all his books and my advice is start with the first one and read through the last one, number seven, because each one grows from the previous ones Victor G Zilinskas

    20. Luvinthislife says:
      This series is not holding up wellI grow disenchanted with each additional book in this series This one had no mystery, surprises, interesting new characters or intriguing story line I m seriously thinking of giving up on the series even though I ve already bought the next book.

    21. James Austin says:
      Keep turning pagesor you miss all the fun SADLY, my fun has limits due to my nearing one novel by this master storyteller Scott Pratt is a genius at dangling carrots and I love it I have never consumed a series of adventures that kept me totally involved before Long live Joe Dillard

    22. Yalonda Lampley says:
      Great story Another great story of the life of Joe Dillard And for the first time we actually get to read about the trial itself Objection to the verdict and I file a motion against the ending Overall I enjoyed the book, and glad Lana got what she deserved.

    23. Tracie Payne says:
      I really loved this one a lot We got to see Joe in his element in the courtroom and it was fantastic Each book shows me just a little bit This case was a good one and the epilogue had me cackling with glee

    24. Karen Sheldon says:
      One two punchI initially thought I was disappointed in this bookbut I was very very wrong This whole series has been great, but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the ending was satisfying.

    25. Virginia Ruhl says:
      Enjoyed the book It is the fourth book I have read written by Mr Pratt and am Sure there will be I liked the way he does his discovery of information, questioning of people involved while they were testifying as a witness.

    26. Dianne P. Walker says:
      The best Love, love, LOVE this author Really good plots, we ll executed, not mellow dramatic drivel about feeling so bad about things and one s self Just good , clear, exciting stories.

    27. Keith Cannon says:
      Always a great read With country music, a dead starlett, a greedy wife, and a presumed murdering husband, all you need for a classic read is lawyer Joe Dillard Shake and stir It goes down good

    28. Linda B. Bordelon says:
      Great SeriesOnly one book left in the Joe Dillard Series to read Pratt s Series is a great study on sociopaths Add to the Series, please Liked each book and hate that it s ending Pratt has a real knack a writing without getting bogged in details.

    29. Jodi Andres says:
      Great twists with the story Nice change from previous books storyline keeps it fresh If could change something would like to have the ending better written Seemed like the author cut it short to meet publisher deadline or ran out of creative juices at the end Over all well written book.

    30. Deborah Fell says:
      Enjoyed the book thoroughly Found the book very entertaining had trouble putting it down I found this author by chance but I have been invested in all of his books since that chance meeting Enjoyable engaging

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