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Salvage Phillip Scarnum must employ his cunning and seamanship to stay alive and out of prison in this fast paced gritty thriller Phillip Scarnum is sailing along Nova Scotia s South Shore when he finds an a

  • Title: Salvage
  • Author: Stephen Maher
  • ISBN: 9781459734517
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phillip Scarnum must employ his cunning and seamanship to stay alive and out of prison in this fast paced, gritty thriller Phillip Scarnum is sailing along Nova Scotia s South Shore when he finds an abandoned lobster boat smashed on the rocks He risks his life to haul it in, hoping to collect a big salvage fee, but before he can cash in, a fisherman s body full of bulletPhillip Scarnum must employ his cunning and seamanship to stay alive and out of prison in this fast paced, gritty thriller Phillip Scarnum is sailing along Nova Scotia s South Shore when he finds an abandoned lobster boat smashed on the rocks He risks his life to haul it in, hoping to collect a big salvage fee, but before he can cash in, a fisherman s body full of bullet holes washes up on a nearby beach The Mounties seize Scarnum s prize and start asking tricky questions about how well he knows the fisherman s wild widow Scarnum needs to find out what happened on the boat, but as soon as he starts to investigate, some heavily armed Mexican drug runners show up, looking for 100 kilos of missing cocaine Scarnum needs to keep a step ahead of the police and the gangsters if he wants to stay alive and out of prison and get the salvage fee that s coming to him.

    Salvage Definition of Salvage by Merriam Webster Salvage definition is compensation paid for saving a ship or its cargo from the perils of the sea or for the lives and property rescued in a wreck How to use salvage in a sentence. Salvage definition of salvage by The Free Dictionary rescue, saving, recovery, release, relief, liberation, salvation, deliverance, extrication The salvage of the ship went on scrap, remains, waste, junk, offcuts They climbed up on the rock with their salvage Collins Thesaurus of the English Language Complete and Unabridged nd Edition HarperCollins Publishers , Salvage Definition of Salvage at Dictionary the act of saving a ship or its cargo from perils of the seas the property so saved compensation given to those who voluntarily save a ship or its cargo the act of saving anything from fire, SALVAGE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary the act of saving goods from damage or destruction, especially from a ship that has sunk or been damaged or a building that has been damaged by fire or a flood The company is going to finance not just the salvage, but also the cleanup They mounted a salvage salvage Dictionary Definition Vocabulary As a noun salvage is the act of rescuing stuff from a disaster like a shipwreck or fire or the rescued goods themselves As a verb, salvage means to collect or rescue that sort of item, or generally to save something from harm or ruin If you want to salvage your grade, you need to stop gaming so much and start studying . Alfred Hitchcock Presents Salvage TV Episode Nov , Directed by Justus Addiss With Alfred Hitchcock, Gene Barry, Nancy Gates, Maxine Cooper Gangster Dan Varrell, just released from prison, goes looking for the woman he holds responsible for his brother s death. Copart USA Leader in Online Salvage Insurance Auto Copart is a global leader in online car auctions, and a premier destination for the resale and remarketing of Non repairable, Clean Title and Salvage cars Specializing in salvage car auctions, Copart makes it easy for Members to find, bid

    • [PDF] Salvage | by ´ Stephen Maher
      212 Stephen Maher

    About Author

    1. Stephen Maher says:
      Stephen Maher is a novelist and journalist based in Ottawa In 2012, he published his first novel, Deadline, a political thriller His second novel, Salvage, was shortlisted for an International Thriller Writers award in 2017 As an investigative journalist, he has received many awards, including a National Newspaper Award and a Michener He is a 2016 Harvard Nieman fellow Maher was born in France and raised in Nova Scotia He lives in Ottawa with his partner, Camille, their cat Sadie and his old sailboat.

    Comment 466 on “Salvage

    1. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room says:
      Review SALVAGE by Stephen MaherSALVAGE is a noir novel almost painfully visceral in its imagery and intensity The protagonist makes his living on the sea, specifically the North Atlantic off Nova Scotia During a raging storm which almost costs his life he replied a lobster boat cast aground on the rocks and determines to salvage it, which would fetch him a hefty payment Here is where the noir elements commence, as this is not an ordinary innocent fishing vessel.The author is an accomplished jour [...]

    2. Chuck Slack says:
      I heard about this book through a book review in the local newspaper and thought I would give it a try It is a light, quick, and enjoyable read which, I think, is what it is striving for If this is the case, mission accomplished I visited Chester and Nova Scotia last year and thoroughly enjoyed the quaint little seaside town and the beautiful Nova Scotian countryside Visualizing this town with Mexican drug dealers, dubious businessman, and ribald, clandestine sexual encounters was entertaining a [...]

    3. Kathy says:
      Disclaimer I won this book on.This is a good thriller The characters and settings were well described The plot had some twists Most of the characters committed illegal and or immoral acts, so there wasn t anyone to root for, but I enjoyed reading the story.Note Many characters swear.

    4. Margaret Bryant says:
      Man, I loved this book Protagonist Phillip Scarnum is a strong character morally ambiguous, at home in the harsh North Atlantic, but a misfit on land salty thriller

    5. Benjamin Thomas says:
      I picked up Salvage while in Nova Scotia last year I try to grab books from local writers when I travel as both keepsakes and to see the place again through the eyes of someone who lives there Salvage follows a down on his luck sailor as he becomes involuntarily involved in missing cocaine, gangsters, and gunfights The book picks up right away with the main character attempting to salvage a vessel that appears to have run aground I know next to nothing about maritime law however that did not put [...]

    6. Craig says:
      Another good summer beach book Sex, drugs, and boats drive this interesting mystery based in Nova Scotia The protagonist, Phillip Scarnum, is a complex character that stumbles across a salvage opportunity that nearly kills him as does everything after.

    7. Steve Roby says:
      This was supposed to be a Netgalley review, and I did post it over there, but I was a bit late in getting to this one I m not a fan of pdfs for novels Great for magazines, comics, and illustrated nonfiction, but for novels, give me epubs And the publisher gave me a pdf.However the description of the book intrigued me than a little I ended up buying a very reasonably priced epub through Kobo and raced through the book.Stephen Maher is better known for his political journalism than his novels thi [...]

    8. Schuyler Wallace says:
      Stephen Maher is a Canadian journalist who has written a book of wet adventure, Salvage, that is steamy and sexy and very nautically oriented Something about the stormy coast of Nova Scotia seems to promote rampant sexual encounters in his novel that seem too gratuitous to me and haul down his basic storyline.Philip Scarnum, a sailor and boat restorer, finds an abandoned lobster boat being beat to death on a reef off Cape Sambro After a daring rescue, he tows the vessel to a boatyard owned by hi [...]

    9. Cheryl says:
      Another armchair trip to Nova ScotiaI was just writing in my last review that I ve been doing a lot of armchair traveling lately The book I read just prior to this one took place in Nova Scotia too and I mentioned that it was the first I d ever read with that setting So I pick up SALVAGE and find myself on the South Shore of Nova Scotia How cool is that Phillip Scarnum is sailing a new sailboat to its owner on a snowy North Atlantic night and sees a lobster boat crashed on shore Smart thing or n [...]

    10. Todd Simpson says:
      I really enjoyed this book It was so well written and easy to read, and one thing that really adds to this story is the detail and background the Author has put into the characters Phillip Scarnum thought he was onto a good thing finding an abandoned lobster boat on the rocks Especially since had to pretty much risk his life in rough sea s to retrieve it Then to only have it taken away from him by the Mounties, while they investigate why Zinck who was on the boat, is now dead on the beach with b [...]

    11. James Fisher says:
      Half a star, rounded up I got 50 pages into this book and put it down in disgust I don t think it is much of an exaggeration to state that every line of dialogue in Salvage contains at least one f bomb In fact, this is carpet f bombing Salvage contains what promises to be a good story man salvages an abandoned fishing boat stuck on the rocks, but instead of a big payday for his efforts, Phillip Scarnum is under suspicion for murder, the the boat he salvaged appears to be a crime scene None of th [...]

    12. Alan Medcalf says:
      Now this is a page turner Where Ottawa author Stephen Maher s Deadline was a political thriller set in Ottawa, Salvage is set in coastal Nova Scotia in the bays and inlets around Chester and Mahone Bay Rich in down home salty characters with ambiguous morals, this is one highly entertaining yarn Highly recommended.

    13. Jk says:
      I received a very nice paperback copy of this book for free via the Giveaways program and would like to thank everyone who made that possible.This was an action packed and clever thriller with a satisfying conclusion There was a tangible sense of place throughout and great characters that felt very authentic Very enjoyable read

    14. Jim Evans says:
      Good story line Maher resisted the temptation to make the book too long by using heavy duty character development However, his heavy use of the F word was totally inappropriate It didn t add to the story or character development It just became annoying.

    15. Tourist Pilot says:
      As we lived on the East Coast this year the book really was familiar and a fun read

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