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To Wed a Highlander

To Wed a Highlander An Arranged Marriage Makenna Dunstan has never needed a man s protection before But when her father s failing health places the safety of the clan in her hands she has no choice but to marry Colin Mc

  • Title: To Wed a Highlander
  • Author: Michele Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9781420100143
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • An Arranged Marriage.Makenna Dunstan has never needed a man s protection before But when her father s failing health places the safety of the clan in her hands, she has no choice but to marry Colin McTiernay Fearing the emotions Colin awakens within her, she finds herself succumbing too easily to his lingering kisses and warm caresses Yet she wonders if she can trulAn Arranged Marriage.Makenna Dunstan has never needed a man s protection before But when her father s failing health places the safety of the clan in her hands, she has no choice but to marry Colin McTiernay Fearing the emotions Colin awakens within her, she finds herself succumbing too easily to his lingering kisses and warm caresses Yet she wonders if she can truly trust this highlander who is quickly stealing her heart Ignites An Insatiable Desire A highlander from birth, Colin McTiernay knows the Dunstan clan dislikes him, especially the laird s youngest daughter But he is determined to save the lowlanders from their enemies even if that means marrying the willful and impetuous Makenna Taming this fierce tigress will be a challenge that Colin is confident he can meet by seducing Makenna and tantalizing her with a passion that will only leave her begging for .

    Wed Definition of Wed by Merriam Webster Definition of wed transitive verb to take for wife or husband by a formal ceremony marry to join in marriage to unite as if by marriage such as a to place in close or intimate association films that made me conscious of the power of wedding image to music Wed Definition of Wed at Dictionary verb used with object , wedded or wed, wedding to marry another person in a formal ceremony to unite a couple in marriage or wedlock marry to bind by close or lasting ties attach firmly She Wed definition of wed by The Free Dictionary to marry another person in a formal ceremony take as one s husband or wife to unite a couple in marriage or wedlock marry to bind attach firmly to wed oneself to To Wed a Highlander The McTiernays To Wed a Highlander is the second in the McTierney series I really enjoyed this story as it dealt with two stong minded individuals who could not tolerate each other McKenna has never been asked to act like a lady in all her upbringing She for the most part is a tom boy who loves to yield a sword and everything that the men do in the Keep. Wed Synonyms, Wed Antonyms Thesaurus Another word for wed Find ways to say wed, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus, the world s most trusted free thesaurus. Wed to Idioms by The Free Dictionary wed one to someone or something To join one to another person in marriage A noun or pronoun is used between wed and to often used in passive constructions. To Wed a Wicked Earl Devine Friends, by Olivia Parker To Wed A Wicked Earl picks up where book one, At the Bride Hunt Ball ends, immediately after Tristan Devine, younger brother of Gabriel, Duke of Wolverest, has announced who he has chosen for his bride Charlotte Greene, heartbroken at having not been the lucky young lady chosen to wed the man she has worshipped from afar for the last seven years is about to leave the ball when Adam Faramond To Wed a Wicked Highlander Bad Boys of the Highlands To Wed a Wicked Highlander was a wonderful highland romance I really enjoyed this book I can t wait to see from this author Lovers of romance, you really have to read this book Imagine a World To Wed a Wicked Highlander is a wonderful story of romance and love betrayal and heartbreak friend and foe If you have not had a chance

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      228 Michele Sinclair

    About Author

    1. Michele Sinclair says:
      In need of a creative outlet, I began writing novels after my second child was born A voracious reader of romance books and a constant dreamer of romantic plots, I was encouraged to put my ideas to paper I soon found out I loved itl of it I am a member of the Romance Writers of America and of the Georgia Romance Writers.In addition to writing historical romance novels, I also build large HO model trains, love to do huge cross stitching pieces, relax by boating, and decorate everything I can during the Christmas season.Besides romance I am a heavy science fiction reader and try to read at least two books a month one science fiction and the other romance even when I am writing I guess I just secretly desire to live in another place in time

    Comment 452 on “To Wed a Highlander

    1. Kathleen says:
      I really loved this story It started off that the HH could not stand each other While the story moved along and they realized how very right they were together I could really feel the love building I loved the way they stood up for each other against all odd s The love scenes were very well done and plenty of heat through out the book After finishing this book there is only one thing for me to do and that is continue on with the next book in this series, Desiring The Highlander.P.S, thank you Kr [...]

    2. Julie (jjmachshev) says:
      To Wed a Highlander was my second read by Michele Sinclair This historical reminded me of a Harlequin historical, but with added length and oomph There s good guys and bad guys and relationship problems, light drama, and really hot sex Makenna is the wild child of the four daughters of the Dunstan Laird She s also her father s favorite, so when her father asks her to marry her dead sister s husband, she s outraged Colin is overbearing and arrogantd he loved her dear dead sister Deirdre who was t [...]

    3. Duchess Nicole says:
      I m giving this two stars because I know that some people like really cheesy romance I love romance, but the cliche lines in this one were just too much for me I wanted to gag Here s the one that made me laugh and cringe Her mouth finally free, Makenna asked, Colin, what s happening I don t know what s wrong with me My body feels to be on fire, and yet I crave Snort Please The dude was also married to her sister first That may be another huge no no for me No boinking of your sibling s husband G [...]

    4. Becca says:
      I will begin by saying that this book has many flaws however, because of my vast enjoyment and inability to put the book down, I am still choosing to give it 5 stars I m still thinking about Makenna and Colin and can t wait to revisit them in other books.The story opens with Makenna Dunstan and Colin McTiernay entering an arranged marriage in order to save the Dunstan clan and make Colin, an outsider from the Highlands, laird of the lowland Dunstan clan Both are resistant to the marriage, but on [...]

    5. Dianne says:
      To Wed a Highlander by Michele SinclairThis was a very different book, at least to me The premise is that these two people need to marry to save a Lowland clan This is a common premise, that of the forced marriage at least on one person s part, what is uncommon to me is the male protagonist was married to the female protagonist s sister before she died Colin loved her very much And, it wasn t something that he kept quietly to himself WE did hear a lot about his late wife, but you will soon see t [...]

    6. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" says:
      LOVE OR LUST Laird Alexander Dunstan is dying and he needs a strong Highland Warrior to wed his youngest daughter Makenna Colin McTiernay was married 2yrs before to Laird Alexanders other daughter and McKenna older sister Deirdre She died from a weak constitution 9 months past Laird Alexanders Klan is a weak one and Colin has been training them to be great warriors for the past 2yrs He wants Colin to become Laird when he dies, so he marries the younger daughter MaKenna to Colin Herein lies the p [...]

    7. Cherie says:
      This is one of my go to books when I m in a certain mood I don t know how to describe the mood but this is the book for it I first read it early in my historical romance reading career and it has all the elements I look for in a good romance.1 An interesting, intelligent heroine who is stubborn enough to maintain her sense of self but not so stubborn as to border or become petulant or stupid.2 A hero with strength of body and sensitivity Colin is wary of loving Makenna because he fears losing th [...]

    8. Nancy says:
      Good book, I liked the characters of Colin and Makenna as a couple But, maybe I ve read too many Highlander romances, and the some of the plots are just sounding the same Highland couple gets married, one or both of them don t really want to marry the other, the heroine happens to enjoy things that a man would normally do sword fighting, riding horses, etc her husband initially forbids it, the clan doesn t think she will able to be a good lady of the keep , the heroine rolls her sleeves up and t [...]

    9. Meg Kinch says:
      To protect the safety of her clan, Makenna Dunstan must marry her dead sister s husband, Colin McTiernay I found this book very enjoyable from the beginning confrontation to the end battle There were many ups and downs with this book and I found Michele Sinclair executed the story beautifully My only contention that I didn t give it five stars was the continual mention of Colin s first love and Makenna s perfect sister, Deirdre Dunstan McTiernay I found that it continued to wittle down and belit [...]

    10. Sha Mslvoe says:
      Blown away with Makenna and Colin What I loved about this book there s no misunderstanding, just a love between the couple The passion and romance, WOW makes me a lot eager to dig in I know it s a good book when I didn t want it to end.

    11. Monica says:
      I loved the first book in this series and knew I would like this one as well, however I think so far this one is my fav The relationship Colin and Makenna were so perfect for each other I had every emotion known throughout the book Can t wait to read the next

    12. Clarice says:
      Makenna Dunstan and Colin McTienay must come together to over come dislike and hate, to make a strong clan The Highlander and a lowlander have to make this work, or all of their enemies will win In this process they find something special for the both of them.

    13. MsRomanticReads says:
      At the insistence of his ailing father in law, Colin McTiernay is beseeched to wed the sister of his deceased wife to strengthen the Drustan clan and train the soldiers like only a Highlander could Makenna Drustan wants no part in this arranged marriage because she s never liked her overbearing brother in law However, an encounter by the loch takes both of them by surprise when desire between them flares They reluctantly agree to marry to secure the clan from future attacks by the English Makenn [...]

    14. Elis Madison says:
      Makenna Dunstan, daughter of the Dunstan laird, despises Connor McTiernay, the Highlander who was once married to her sickly sister Dierdre He s bossy, overbearing, and hands down orders for everyone to follow as if he were already laird of her clan which he isn t Connor feels about the same way towards Makenna She s a defiant little carper who doesn t know a woman s place What we have here is a mutual admiration society Makenna s dad has invited all the lairds of all the clans hereabouts to a w [...]

    15. The Window Seat says:
      Colin McTiernay had already married one Dunstan lass in order to eventually become Laird of the lowland Clan She was precious to him and he loved her, but she died Of the 4 remaining daughters, only one remained available and he had no plans to marry that unladylike even if it meant securing his bid for Laird of the clan They could accept him as he was or he would leave and go back to his beloved Highlands.Makenna Dunstan would no marry that dictatorial oaf than well, she just wasn t going to S [...]

    16. Aishah Bukhari says:
      Two words Colin McTiernay I have never been at awe with a character s amazing skill to come up with well thought strategies His leadership skills should be practiced by many men As many of Highlanders portrayed in highlander romance novels, they are very possessive And Colin is no different Lady Makenna, the sharp, spirited lady of Lochlen is also a good character that many can relate to though she was very quick to fall helplessly in love with Colin and getting her heart broken because of him a [...]

    17. Claudia says:
      I absolutely loved this one Colin and Makenna were great characters strong, intelligent, both a bit bullheaded but also vulnerable and honeste way their relationship developed was so well done and you could feel the sparks fly and after the first sex scenes, were the dialogues were aweful, these scenes were also very well done There is just one thing that really made me angry every soldier knew about the plan but he left Makenna in the dark till the end Unfortunately I did not read the first boo [...]

    18. Shubha says:
      What She married her bro inlaw Yuck Lots of contradictions in this book On their wedding night,Colin tells her that he never once thought of her sister when he was with her He says this just after the reader read that he compared Makenna with his dead wife.How silly They couldn t stand each other for 2 years,but after one kiss everything changed drastically Really unbelievable plot

    19. SW says:
      This was interesting to read, there was a lot sex in this book than the others I think maybe because they were married so early in the book I don t know if I like the idea that she married her brother in law even if her sister did die I think I like the other stories better of the other two brothers But if she writes I definitely will pick them up

    20. Amanda Sheila says:
      I loved it, even though it s not exactly my favorite Why, mostly because I was expecting to read about Makenna defying Colin at first but then succumb to him eventually But this book, their chemistry went a bit too fast I mean, he hated her and vice versa but then snap, in the blink of an eye they re passionate I was like really Hmm But overall I enjoyed this book.

    21. Sevimli Hırsız says:
      Berbat Hi be enmedim , iki sene burun buruna ya a didi dur ki sene i erisinde e in l nce bir p c kle arad n kad n n e inin karde i oldu unu anlaBir de Vah i G zel neredeydi ok merak ettim.Atlad m sayfa felan var heraldeAyr ca kitap derleme gibi hissettirdi.

    22. Nonieღserenity2bliss says:
      I think I would have enjoyed and appreciated the story had I not read it in a rush Darn real life

    23. Nina says:
      OkThe story was good, the characters had depth but I m still not sure how I feel about him being married to her sister before her Sex with your dead sisters husband

    24. Melis says:
      lk kitab da ho uma gitmi ti ama bu kitab ilkinden daha ok be endim.

    25. Kbee says:
      Audible Romance Package 2 in seriesAUDIOBOOK Listened January 18 11hrs 31min.Narrator Anne Flosnik as usual does a good job.Liked it, do like when previous characters are called back.

    26. Julischka says:
      Colin, einer der j ngeren Br der von Highlandlaird Connor McTiernay hat zwei Jahre zuvor Deidre, die junge, h bsche Tochter von Alexander Dunstan, einem Laird aus den Lowlands geheiratet.Doch Deidre starb und um den Schutz und den Fortbestand seines Clans zu sichern und Colin sicher zum n chsten Laird zu machen will Alexander, da Colin Makenna, die j ngere Schwester von Deidre heiratet.Weder Colin noch Makenna sind von dieser Idee besonders angetan Makenna h lt Colin f r einen arroganten, kalten [...]

    27. 1CheekyLass says:
      I was delighted to start the second novel I believe 2 of 6 of Michele Sinclair s highlander series The McTiernay brothers The first book started with the hero and heroin meeting as the hero was returning from Colin s wedding, our hero in this novel About two years pass and Colin finds himself in discussion with his late wife s father regarding a marriage with the lairds youngest daughter, Makenna This alliance is needed because the lairds health is failing and he needs someone who can protect Th [...]

    28. İnci Puyan says:
      illekitap 2013 02McTiernay Karde ler serisinin ikinci kitab Yazar n ilk kitab ndan daha g zel oldu unu d n yorum ger i ilk kitab n da sevmi tim ama bunu daha ok sevdim sko kitab okumayal baya olmu tu ve okuyunca i te kitap bu dedim resmen.Yazar n kalemi ok ak c , sade ve s r kleyici Kitap olayl , sava l , karde ba l l olan ve a k dolu bir kitapMakenna, ev i lerinden anlamayan kad n olman n ne demek oldu unu bilmeyen, leydili in yan ndan ge memi , erkek gibi ata binebilen askerlerle k l talimi ya [...]

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