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Long Knife

Long Knife Two centuries ago with the support of the young Revolutionary government George Rogers Clark led a small but fierce army west from Virigina to conquer all the territory between the Ohio and Mississi

  • Title: Long Knife
  • Author: James Alexander Thom
  • ISBN: 9780345380746
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Two centuries ago, with the support of the young Revolutionary government, George Rogers Clark led a small but fierce army west from Virigina to conquer all the territory between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers Here is the adventure, the romance, the struggle, and the betrayal of his life Rich in the heroic characters, meticulously researched detail and grand scale thatTwo centuries ago, with the support of the young Revolutionary government, George Rogers Clark led a small but fierce army west from Virigina to conquer all the territory between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers Here is the adventure, the romance, the struggle, and the betrayal of his life Rich in the heroic characters, meticulously researched detail and grand scale that have become James Alexander Thom s trademarks, LONG KNIFE, his first historical epic, is simply unforgettable.

    Long Knife A Novel Thom He battled the British, forged friendships with French and Spanish settlers, and made treaties with many Indian tribes who revered the lanky, red haired white man and called him Long Knife He fell in love with the woman of his dreams, the beautiful Spanish maiden Teresa de Leyba. Long knives Long knives or big knives was a term used by the Iroquois, and later by the Mingo and other Natives of the Ohio Country to designate British colonists of Virginia, in contradistinction to those of New York and Pennsylvania It is a literal translation of the treaty name that the Iroquois first bestowed on Virginia Governor Lord Howard in , Assarigoe variously spelled Assaregoa, Assaragoa, Asharigoua , long knife Long knife Idioms by The Free Dictionary long knife A person hired to murder someone It looks like the mob sent a long knife over last night to silence the last The power or intent to attack someone in order to force them to stop or change their actions Lobbyist groups for the

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      156 James Alexander Thom

    About Author

    1. James Alexander Thom says:
      James Alexander Thom born 1933 is an American author, most famous for his works in the Western genre Born in Gosport, Indiana, he graduated from Butler University and served in the United States Marine Corps He is a former professor of journalism at Indiana University, and a contributor to the The Saturday Evening Post His fifth wife, Dark Rain Thom was a member of the Shawnee United Remnant Band until its dissolution the Thoms presently live in the Indiana hill country near Bloomington.

    Comment 147 on “Long Knife

    1. Mary JL says:
      This is an excellent, well written and enjoyable historical novel It tells of the years from 1777 to 1779, when George Rogers Clark played a pivotal role in defending the norwestern Colonies during the Revolutionary War.While the battles were going on along the Atlantic Coast, the British were also trying to gain a foothold in the NorthWest Territories They had forts in Detroit, in Kaskaskia,Illinois and Vincennes, Indiana Of course, these were not states then they were all together referred to [...]

    2. Eileen says:
      This historical novel is based on the life of George Rogers Clark, a soldier and frontiersman during the Revolutionary War and brother to the Clark of Lewis Clark fame What an amazing man George was principled, courageous, honorable, and devoted to family, friends and country His physical strength and fortitude, and that of his soldiers, was almost unbelievable Thom s writing style is engaging and the story is gripping, with plenty of action and fascinating characters This book really gave me in [...]

    3. Amy says:
      Fascinating This is a good read about a very inspiring hero I had never given much thought to this part of American History Great fictional love story mixed in with the true stuff too.

    4. Justin says:
      This was a fantastic book I thoroughly enjoyed it It s made all the better that the author was scrupulous in sticking to known history Highly recommended.

    5. Amber says:
      I learned that there are so many poeple in our history than what we learned about in school George Rogers Clark is the older brother of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    6. Robert Melton says:
      Covered historyGRC a great soldier so mistreated by government, it could be a story written today Enjoy some real history now.

    7. Judith Wrinkle says:
      One of the best books I have ever reade only book I have ever read where I shed tears when I finished Fiction, based on truth makes me sad to think of the sacrifices and truths of making this country.d now where we have come I have some Native American in my blood and I felt passion, fear, hope and sadness for both sides fighting A book that I shall keep.

    8. Jim says:
      Fantastic NovelThis is one of the best historical novels I have ever read.It is well written and tells the story of one of America s earliest heroes in great detail The author has done a wonderful job of telling the story of George Rogers Clark.

    9. Joe Spoto says:
      A good story about an American hero that has not gotten much notoriety I am a pretty fast reader, and it did take me quite a while to finish this book

    10. DaveS says:
      My personal favorite story by Thom Great historical novel telling us the stories of the less famous Clark brother George is probably important to our history then any of the others in the famous Clark family.

    11. Joe Stack says:
      This is a captivating historical novel The author gets and keeps your attention Some of the conditions the characters go through would seem to be something only a storyteller could conceive, but in fact are real and not made up.

    12. Kelly says:
      AMAZING I don t know which order you should read these books inbut I read From Sea To Shining Sea first and completely fell in love with the history, the Rogers Clark family, etc and was so saddened when the book ended I was so affected by that book that I wrote the author, himself, to tell him what a wonderful piece of work I thought From Sea To Shining Sea was The author informed me that this book was not the end of the story He had also written Long Knife which fills in a lot of the gaps rega [...]

    13. Suzanna says:
      While Thom has written other books I enjoyed , this book was informational and interesting throughout I actually read this some years ago and had forgotten much of it, but this time I took time to absorb some of the details that I often would let slide, such as battle plans, details in the execusion, and dates and locations of some of the minutia For the most part, this is a war story and sort of a guy book in many ways I would say most of Thom s novels have a certain quality I think would espe [...]

    14. Carol says:
      As a fan of James Alexander Thom s historical novels, this reader very much enjoyed the journey of this novel based on the life of George Rogers Clark, the older brother of the famous William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition GR Clark is actually famous in his own right, for his accomplishments keeping peace with the Indians in parts of the old Northwest Territory, present day Illinois I like the fact that Thom uses primary sources in his research and as a skeleton for his story The imagi [...]

    15. Debbie toyoshima says:
      Another Historical book, though some liberties were taken on what happened with the relationship between Clark and his Spaniard fianc This book spans over George Rogers Clark lifetime Yes, this is the older brother of the other Clark of Lewis and Clark I read the book Sacajawea last year also, which was about her life and involvement with the expedition of Lewis and Clark Another excellent read which I encourage anyone to read It is currently my all time favorite book next to Agony And The Ecsta [...]

    16. Judy says:
      The story of George Rogers Clark, a soldier from Virginia and the highest ranking American military officer on the northwestern frontier during the American Revolutionary War He served as leader of the Kentucky militia, he was the larger then life brother of William Clark Lewis Clark Expedition Once again, James Alexander Thom breathes life into a long dead but important personality from Americas past.

    17. Amy Cullen says:
      I loved this book I read From Sea to Shining Sea first, and I m glad I read them in that order I am eager to read other books by this author, as he is not only an amazingly gifted storyteller, but a conscientious historian as well Read both books on my kindle, but am definitely going to search for the hardcover copies, as I will want to add them to my library I highly recommend them to anyone who loves history

    18. Bonnie says:
      I love history and this book had particular appeal to me It is the story of General George Rogers Clark and his small group of about 150 volunteers in the Revolutionary War They undertook the task to march from Virginia to Ft Vincennes in Illinois Their trials and victories are written in a compelling story It is an enjoyable weaving of fact and fiction Knowing that my 4th GG Father was one of the men under General Clark made it doubly meaningful to me.

    19. patricia says:
      It was a detailed account of the fight, after the Civil War, for the lands controlled by the British Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio British paid bribed different tribes of the American Indians to murder and capture settlers Clark led a small army of backwoods fighters to take the land from the British The history of the battles and Clark s successes with this small army of determined men is amazing Brutal detail.

    20. Lara says:
      I love James Alexander Thom s historical fiction He is so detailed in his American history Long Knife was about George Clark, older brother of William Clark of Lewis and Clark , who founded Kentucky and fought the Midwest out of the British s hands George Clark was a true American patriot, who died unappreciated, unrecognized, and impoverished Really excellent account.

    21. Linda Wulf says:
      Great story, although sometimes overly descriptive, especially about George Rogers Clark himself But I love this author, personally and professionally I could talk to him for hours, and was lucky enough to be in a writing seminar taught by him several years ago Afterwards, we all went out to dinner It was one of the seminal days in my writing years.

    22. Becky says:
      This is one of the best historical novels I have ever read George Rogers Clark was a real hero who suffered intensely for his country, and for the most part without pay until the end of his life His tragic romance with Teresa de Leyba touched me so much I would like to read of Thom s books if they are like this one.

    23. Mitzi says:
      This is the first James Alexander Thom book I ve read, but it will NOT be the last I loved every minute of it writing that is very engaging, along with the very real if not very well known history that he is writing about it makes for a killer combination Do yourself a favor and pick this one up, you won t regret it

    24. Jim Philpot says:
      Historical RealityA great American story superbly describing life on the frontier and George Clark s heroic leadership as a military commander and his place in our country s beginning It s an exciting tale.

    25. Kelly says:
      This is the full story of the life of George Rogers Clark, the father of Kentucky This book is good, but depressing, as GRC got royally screwed by the government and died an alcoholic pauper As with all of Jim Thom s books, the research is meticulous.

    26. Helen Angle says:
      This story reiterates what I heard as a boy growing up along the wWabash and Embarass rivers and exploring the raw country aforementioned A great history novel and learning toolLarry angleThank you.

    27. Kelli says:
      About Geroge Rogers Clark Just a brilliant as his better known brother, William.

    28. Chris Kemp says:
      Very absorbing and amazing book about George Rogers Clark.

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