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Audition Documentary maker Aoyama hasn t dated anyone in the seven years since the death of his beloved wife Ryoko Now even his teenage son Shige has suggested he think about remarrying So when his best frien

  • Title: Audition
  • Author: Ryū Murakami Ralph McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780747589488
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Documentary maker Aoyama hasn t dated anyone in the seven years since the death of his beloved wife, Ryoko Now even his teenage son Shige has suggested he think about remarrying So when his best friend Yoshikawa comes up with a plan to hold fake film auditions so that Aoyama can choose a new bride, he decides to go along with the idea

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      197 Ryū Murakami Ralph McCarthy

    About Author

    1. Ryū Murakami Ralph McCarthy says:
      Ry Murakami is a Japanese novelist and filmmaker He is not related to Haruki Murakami or Takashi Murakami.Murakami s first work, the short novel Almost Transparent Blue, written while he was still a student, deals with promiscuity and drug use among disaffected Japanese youth Critically acclaimed as a new style of literature, it won the newcomer s literature prize in 1976 despite some observers decrying it as decadent Later the same year, Blue won the Akutagawa Prize, going on to become a best seller In 1980, Murakami published the much longer novel Coin Locker Babies, again to critical acclaim.Takashi Miike s feature film Audition 1999 was based on one of his novels Murakami reportedly liked it so much he gave Miike his blessing to adapt Coin Locker Babies The screen play was worked on by director Jordan Galland However, Miike could not raise funding for the project An adaptation directed by Michele Civetta is currently in production.Murakami has played drums for a rock group called Coelacanth and hosted a TV talk show.

    Comment 241 on “Audition

    1. Carol says:
      Murakami doesn t believe in boundaries, so if you expect an author to pull his punches, keep on moving past Audition From maybe the tenth page forward, it s clear that no good will come of the obsession Aoyama, a Tokyo based, widowed documentary film maker and father to Shige, his teen son, develops for Yamasaki, the lovely, elegant and single former ballet dancer with a troubled childhood The elaborate set up of fake auditions Aoyama and his best friend, Yoshikawa devise seems to forecast that [...]

    2. Arthur Graham says:
      Ya know, just the the other day I was walking down the street, thinking to myself, why is it so dang hard to meet nice women these days Wouldn t it be cool to meet a decent girl for a change One who isn t a total narcissist or a ditz, just someone to cuddle and read books with, a girl who s sweet and kind and doesn t insist on view spoiler cutting off my feet hide spoiler That s when I got the idea to hold an audition for the role of my perfect mate, figuring this would be the surest way to find [...]

    3. Jenn(ifer) says:
      When I was in my teens and twenties, you could put me in a room of 1000 men and I would undoubtedly gravitate toward the most damaged ones I guess Aoyama and I have that in common.The gist of the story is this Aoyama is a widower who has decided it is time to remarry Enlisting the help of a filmmaker friend, he holds an audition to find his future wife by duping women into thinking they are auditioning for a film Out of over a thousand applicants, Aoyama narrows the pool down to a small group of [...]

    4. Kristijan says:
      Audicija je moj prvi susret sa drugim Murakamijem Pre nego to i ta drugo napi em red je da odmah ka em kako volim savremenu japansku knji evnost i kako me mo da to ini manje objektivnim od drugihAli, evo, poku a u da obrazlo im ovih pet zvezdica1 AtmosferaOno to je zajedni ko i jednom i drugom Murakamiju jeste stvaranje odli ne atmosfere atmosfere u kojoj je sve mogu e ak i ono to vizualno podse a na realnu stvarnost mo e da sklizne u mra niju nijansu iz koje mo e da vreba ne to neo ekivano 2 Se [...]

    5. Stephen M says:
      No forgiveness for liesThis book is gruesome, haunting, disturbing and all of the rest of those adjectives you can throw at a perfectly executed horror story There is nothing out of place in the novel Each event works itself perfectly into the next and the cumulative effect of it all is powerful The book is short and the prose is simple chances are that you ll be able to read it all in one sitting That is recommended because the full feeling of the novel carries itself perfectly to the last mome [...]

    6. Maciek says:
      Ry Murakami s Audition is a short novel which you can easily read in one or two sittings and unfortunately probably forget just as quickly ultimately, the book consists of a long and relatelively uneventful buildup to a sudden and quick climax, which is over almost as soon as it started.Audition is the story of Aoyama, a middle aged widower of seven years, urged by his teenage son to remarry the idea is shared by his best friend, Yoshikawa, with whom Aoyama produced documentaries for Tokyo telev [...]

    7. Rebecca McNutt says:
      Audition had an intriguing premise, but it turned out to be overdramatic than thrilling or suspenseful I liked the plot but it was also an easily predictable story.

    8. Zak says:
      I watched Takashi Miike s Audition than a decade ago and it instantly became one of my favourite movies It was dark, spine tinglingly chilling and full of suspense So when I came across this book, on which the movie is based, I was really excited to relive the story again from its source.Unfortunately, the book itself did not live up to the expectations generated by the movie There was no build up of suspense, characters lacked development and the action , when it came was rather abrupt and end [...]

    9. Marvin says:
      I read a lot of horror but Ryu Murakami is one of the few writers that actually scare the hell out of met just his books but the actual person His gift is in writing characters you care about and then exposes them as a horrifying nightmare In fact they rarely appear evil until the last part of the book when Murakami breaks all the rules and grosses you out Audition builds slowly, is actually kind of sweet, but he lets off little hints that something is not right In this short novel, the build up [...]

    10. Brian says:
      I saw the movie first so this little book held few surprises for me The pace was perfect a steady climb to near vertical The movie actually contained story content with additional scenes The book had explicit sex, a good thing, and the rough stuff was intense than the screen version, another good thing No kiri kiri kiri kiri in the book, a bad thing for that I have to revisit the film.As expected the book was deeply disturbing and graphic so made for a nice, light read What I like about Ryu i [...]

    11. Lisa says:
      This is like a three and a half I thought the prose was like butter I read it in one sitting It was so smooth I find that with a lot of the translated Japanese literature I read, there seems to be this juxtaposition between innocence and hard core disturbing The story was so innocent, but there was this underlying something that you just knew was going to explode eventually I appreciate the length of this novel Stuff like this is best when you just get right down to the business No off shoot st [...]

    12. Saleem Khashan says:
      I walked past a bright picture of some cartoon imaged lady holding a syringe My eyes caught the brutality in cartoon depicting death, does the blood matter or is it just paint.Didn t buy it the first day have to check the writer I thought even with a Name like Murakami but serious thoughts of buying the book even if I never get to read it seeped into my soul To own it as a colorful beautiful written maybe literal entity would probably be a valuable act After all I have been flipping my credit ca [...]

    13. Quirky Omega says:
      It has to be one of the most haunting and disturbing books I ve ever come across The fact that it was a terribly gripping read didn t help me at all Loved it, plain and simple.

    14. David Brown says:
      Very disappointing The narrative runs along at a quick pace, so it s easy to complete this novel in one or two sittings It s an interesting book, and perhaps a lot of my problem with this book has to do with the poor, uneven translation The dialogue is stiff and unrealistic, especially in the first half of the book, but gets slightly better toward the end The narrative isn t much better It seems that most Japanese novels are written by the same bad writer The few I ve read, Ringu, Out, and a few [...]

    15. David says:
      Aoyama is a widower whose teenage son suggests that it might be time for him to remarry When Aoyama mentions this possibility to a friend who works in in the film industry, the friend hatches a scheme to find Aoyama an attractive young wife quickly They will launch a phony film production and will interview aspiring actresses for the nonexistent lead role Despite his initial reservations, Ayoama goes along with this plan, succumbing to the fantasy of himself surrounded by ten or twelve lovely, i [...]

    16. Quang Khuê says:
      Mu n y kh c h n Mu kiaM t Mu s c l nh, m t Mu m a P

    17. Nikola Jankovic says:
      Nekako sam odgadjao susret sa drugim Murakamijem, da mi ne ogadi omiljeno prezime Ali, kakav je to bio susret Grozni avih par sati ne odvajaju i pogled od papira.42 godi nji samac, otac tinejd era, odlu uje da sedam godina nakon enine smrti nadje novu enu To radi preko la ne audicije za film, koji nikad ne e biti snimljen ak i da prepri am ceo roman, verujem da bi zvu ao sasvim prose no Ni to to nam pisac daje na znanje da se stvari ne e zavr iti dobro i da ti je jasno da je sve po lo u pogre no [...]

    18. Tze-Wen says:
      Having read quite a lot of horror fiction and thrillers by writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz, I am not the kind of person that shies away from spine chilling suspense and blood curdling gore I had my eye on this Ryu Murakami novel for a while and subsequently, I was expecting quite a lot from it Unfortunately, from the very start the story failed to pull me in First of all, I was irritated by the slow pace of the novel, which continues for no less than three thirds of the book I am as [...]

    19. Srividya says:
      A very small yet brilliant thriller that really sucker punches you in the end.The story begins in a very benign manner, where we are introduced to Aayoma, a documentary film maker, who is mourning the loss of his wife and hasn t dated anyone for over 7 years since her death When his son also comments on this predicament, he reluctantly agrees to remarry In an attempt to find a bride, he teams up with his friend Yoshikawa and they put together an audition for a fake film, where he meets Yamasaki [...]

    20. Arun Divakar says:
      Imagine this During the commute to your work or at your office, you happen to meet up with a relative stranger and it sends a lot of bells ringing in your head You think up of all possible scenarios with the person and enact quite a lot of day dreams Finally when you get to know the person intimately you realise the stench of the sewage dump in that relationship which you had chosen to ignore until then An exclamation keeps popping up in your head Why the hell did I have to do this Take this fa [...]

    21. Terri says:
      I was a bit disappointed with the level of suspense I wanted and felt like the character development was lopsided Aoyama was fairly well developed and his background and motivations understandable, but Asami seemed simply a character with a role to fill in a book The past that made her into a monster is revealed, but I never got the impression of a wounded soul Asami is simply a monster, end of story Perhaps this was Murakami s way of making a point that just didn t resonate with me I was also [...]

    22. Vanessa says:
      JapaneseJune Book 2.Having seen the film a few years back, none of this book surprised me I may have been a little hazy on the particulars but I generally remembered the premise and ending quite well After all, it s a famous movie scene That being said, it didn t take away from my enjoyment of the book at all It was an easy read and I could have read it in one sitting, let alone the one day I completed it in, if I d had spare time.I wasn t too impressed with Murakami s writing style though It w [...]

    23. Natalie says:
      Uuuuu kakva zavr nica u zadnjih 29 stranica Zanimljiva tema, atmosfera, okusi, opisi odli no Murakami suptilno i bez urbe opisuje svoju pri u o usamljenosti, ljubavi, opsesiji i ludilu Prvih 120 stranica je uvertira u ono to e se odigrati na posljednjih 29 stranica ali istovremeno i prilika da se to bolje upoznamo sa glavnim junakom Aojamom, etrdesetdvogodi njim udovcem u potrazi na novom suprugom Da bi mu pomogao, Aojamin prijatelj organizira audiciju za glavnu glumicu za film koji ne e biti ni [...]

    24. Styler Ribarovic says:
      I haven t seen the movie but have heard all about it I don t do well with watching movies with torture, so I decided to read the book instead.Eh That was how I felt once I finished it I skipped the dog scene completely, stuff like that just annoys me, and disgusts me Half the novel is the same things over and over again him talking about how perfect she is, their dates, and people warning him For such a slim novel, it sure is repetitive Perhaps it would have been better as just a short story, in [...]

    25. Vladimir Ćeha says:
      Jo jedan Murakamijev roman u kome se maestralno kombinuju teme otu enja i usamljenosti savremenog oveka sa prili no brutalnim i krvavim scenama Volim romane koji kao da ti izbiju vazduh iz plu a kada ih zavr i A sada da vidimo kakav je film.

    26. Mobyskine says:
      Nervously mysterious at first Getting better in the middle with some thrills and suspense Aoyama s addiction to Asami is beyond everything what s up with that guy I have no idea Love is never understandable but author did great in portraying Aoyama s feeling It was generally love at first sight sort of but as what they said you should never trust a stranger Horrifyingly beautiful though disturbing Last scene was so vivid I keep on thinking about that on the stairs scene A light read, could finis [...]

    27. Scott says:
      Not much to this miniature novel that was the basis of the infamous Japanese horror film It s a drawn out love story based on deceit for 95% of the book followed by a thriller microending The plot is that a film producer, lonely from being a widow for a couple of years, wants to remarry His dubious plan is to hold an audition for a lead female role in a proposed movie that he will ax, choosing his potential bride from the women that show up He immediately becomes infatuated with one, thinks abou [...]

    28. Stephie says:
      The ending What The writing wasn t that amazing, and the characters were slightly annoying She s 24 and you re 45 Of COURSE it s going to end badly, idiot The foreshadowing was like forescreaming , there isn t that much mystery, and the real horror takes place in the last few pages and is then cut off rather anticlimactically It s hilarious how the guy thinks he s in love and practically proposes after only a few dates, and SHE S apparently the crazy one

    29. Katie says:
      Not exactly what I was expecting after having heard so many things about the infamous movie Although I loved the descriptions of Aoyama s background and the interactions between him and his son, I felt the suspense was built very poorly Have any of you seen the movie I think I might watch it this week and film a book and movie review.

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