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The Weight of the Sky

The Weight of the Sky Sarah like every college bound junior deals with constant pressure from teachers friends and parents Besides that she s a marching band geek and the only Jew in her class So when she gets a chanc

  • Title: The Weight of the Sky
  • Author: Lisa Ann Sandell
  • ISBN: 9780670060283
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sarah, like every college bound junior, deals with constant pressure from teachers, friends, and parents Besides that, she s a marching band geek and the only Jew in her class So when she gets a chance to spend the summer on a kibbutz in Israel, Sarah jumps at the opportunity to escape her world But living in Israel brings new complications, and when the idyllic world SSarah, like every college bound junior, deals with constant pressure from teachers, friends, and parents Besides that, she s a marching band geek and the only Jew in her class So when she gets a chance to spend the summer on a kibbutz in Israel, Sarah jumps at the opportunity to escape her world But living in Israel brings new complications, and when the idyllic world Sarah creates suddenly shatters, she finds herself longing for the home she thought she d outgrown.This lyrical novel beautifully captures the experience of leaving behind a life that s too small, and the freedom of searching for a place with a perfect fit.

    • Unlimited The Weight of the Sky - by Lisa Ann Sandell
      327 Lisa Ann Sandell
    The Weight of the Sky

    About Author

    1. Lisa Ann Sandell says:
      I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, where I m told that I was forever buried in books I began scribbling my own short stories in a spiral bound notebook when I was six Books and writing were and still are a haven for me, and I count myself so lucky that I have a chance to share my stories with others I currently live and work in New York City where, when I m not writing, I m riding my bike, taking a sculpting class, or playing with my dog, Molly.

    Comment 159 on “The Weight of the Sky

    1. Jennifer Wardrip says:
      Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooSarah has just finished her junior year at a high school in Pennsylvania As a professed band geek and the only one among her friends who is Jewish, she is always on the outside looking in When her parents announce plans to send her to Israel to spend the summer, she s shocked that they would make plans like that without consulting her At least that s her initial reaction, because once she starts to really consider the idea, she realizes t [...]

    2. Sesana says:
      Israel is a somewhat unusual topic for YA I can t think of any books other than this one set in Israel, in fact The main character is an American Jewish teenager, who spends her summer on a kibbutz in Israel to try and find herself and her heritage And she does, and , and it s all in very lovely verse The topic is not something that I would be predisposed to read, but I have a thing for verse novels that makes me read virtually every one I hear of And I liked what I found here What I love about [...]

    3. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:
      Another winner from Sandell This novel in verse is about a Jewish American girl, Sarah, who feels isolated in her non Jewish community and school, pressured on all sides to make decisions about her future that she s not ready to make, but who begins to find her identity and formulate an idea of what she wants when she spends a summer volunteering at a kibbutz in Israel The author spent time on a kibbutz in Israel herself, so the details of life there feel authentic I enjoyed reading this novel a [...]

    4. Kaitlyn says:
      The Weight of the Sky The Weight of the Sky was most definitely not what I was expecting Based on my countless experiences with novels geared to teenagers, I had come to the sad conclusion that the majority of these novels are devoid of deeper meaning It seems as though teen fiction must contain the mandatory shallow and superficial aspects that appear to please teen readers The Weight of the Sky proves this theory of mine wrong Author Lisa Ann Sandell made the bold decision to write her first n [...]

    5. Amanda Butler says:
      Sarah just finished her junior year high school, but feels out of place as the only Jewish girl in her school Often picked on for her clothes, weight, and religion, Sarah seeks a place where she can truly belong With a nudge from her parents, Sarah chooses to work on a kibbutz a farm in Israel Here, she learns that there is a world far beyond the small confines of her small town life back home.This book is a verse novel, in which the narration is told entirely through poems Due to this format, i [...]

    6. Margaret says:
      I heard this author of young adult novels written in verse speak at a meeting of English teachers This first novel is a fictional representation of her own experience of a summer at a kibbutz Now that I ve read the book, I found it disappointing on several levels The book is written as poetry, but that is mainly so because the lines are short True poetry with imagery, thoughtful line breaks, careful choice of diction, or density is rare in this book Not that the writing is bad it isn t, but it s [...]

    7. Olivia says:
      Being the only Jew in her class, Sarah feels trapped inside of her small town in Pennsylvania So when the opportunity arrives for Sarah to spend her summer volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel, Sarah grabs at it A foreigner in her own religious country, Sarah feels alone Not being able to speak the language, Sarah feels very isolated But the advantage Nobody in Israel knows anything about her, where she comes from, and who she is Sarah is given a clean slate and a chance to shed the weight of her [...]

    8. Bianca says:
      This book is about Sara, who is pressured by her peers and parents daily about her grades, college, etc In the summer, she goes to Israel to work on a kibbutz She goes through many changes and meets new people, and finds another side of herself I learned a lot of things from this book You need to enjoy things while you have it, and appreciate what you have in life Also, do what you feel you need to do I really like the form of this book, as well It is written in free verse, poetry form I thought [...]

    9. Sarah Moustafa says:
      This book was magical I loved the unique way it was written in poetic form, but still story like I also loved Sarah, and could relate to her and her experiences School is tough for her, she doesn t belong, she is made fun of, and she has never felt comfort and true happiness When she travels to Israel, she finally finds her niche among her family and friends, and also love For the first time, Sarah feels what it s like to really laugh, really smile, and truly love The plot of the story is simple [...]

    10. Rachel says:
      As Sarah, a Jewish band geek from Pennsylvania, is put on a plane to Israel for the summer she is not sure what to expect from the kibbutz she is going to be volunteering at But, as the story progresses Sarah seems to be deeply Throughout the story Sarah falls in love, meets new people, and has a life changing experience Overall the story was OK Despite the amazing poetic like writing, that Lisa Ann Sandell is known for, the plot line seemed easy, and expected Overall it was a quick unmemorable [...]

    11. Ang says:
      I really enjoyed reading Sarah s journey of her time in Jerusalem and the kibbutz The book is told from her perspective in the style and format of free verse poems It helps to emphasize her journey of trying to find her place in the world, while also exploring her life outside of her comfort zones and home The scenery, the smells, tastes, joys and hardships are written so well that the reader can feel, taste and smell all that is happening in the story It s bittersweet, humorous, heart wrenching [...]

    12. Allen Steele says:
      very rarely do I find a book that I enjoy, learn, and can relate to on so many levels This was the best book I ve read this year.Sarah, Was never comfortable in a school that was oppressive against non poplar people She is a Jew and decided to work on the Kibbutz for summer break of her jr sr year Traveling from Pennsylvania to Jerusalem was a life changing event to try to find where she fit in The decriptions of the landscape the food were excellent The feelings the character had you could tell [...]

    13. Alexa says:
      This was the second book I ve read by Lisa Sandell, and I was a little disappointed I really liked this book, but I thought that A Map of the Known World was a lot better I ve only read a few book written in stanza s and I thought it was a little annoying at the beginning, but by the end, I was used to it I liked how I could relate to the main character Like Sarah, I am a Jew who doesn t know her roots well I liked how all of the little things in the book ultimately changed Sarah I liked this bo [...]

    14. Vanessa says:
      I literally fell in love with the writing and felt like i was in Israel Told with a refreshing perspective of an American who goes discovers her roots and how it is being Jewish, she feels like she belongs, but at the same time an outsider as well This relates alot to myself as well growing up American, yet the foods I eat are Salvadorean However, it is much than that Culture and language make it even evident that your a different person Funny how that is your an outsider to your own country a [...]

    15. English Education says:
      This novel is about a young Jewish girl, Sarah, who travels to Israel for a summer At first she is not pleased about the idea of the trip, but she soon realizes that this may be exactly what she needs to find herself Through her travels, Sarah learns about her religion, culture, and history The novel also takes the readers into some of the conflict that surrounds Israel Many Jewish students would be able to relate to Sarah s experience, but other students may also connect with Sarah s struggle t [...]

    16. Melinda says:
      This book is a wonderful book Sarah goes to Israel to hopefully learn aobut her culture, her Jewish side She feels like no one at her school understands her When she gets to Israel she meets Lior, but that is short lived She works at a commune and finds out that she loves her homeland However, something changes and she finds out she really doesn t know what she wants The book is wonderful for struggling readers The book is written in verse and easy to understand A wonderful written story by Sand [...]

    17. Laura Anne says:
      This book is about a girl who s an outcast in her high school as a member of the band and one of the only Jewish students Then her parents send her to Israel for the summer, where everything changes for her So I liked this book ok however, I wasn t really attached to the character at the end of the story, and that s a must for me to really get into a book I normally like novels in verse but wonder if this one could have been better developed if it d just been written in prose instead.

    18. Laura says:
      i finally got a copy of this book its been out of print for a while and my mom and dad bought this book off ebay i really, really liked this book Lisa did a very good job creating this storyline Sarah seems like a typical girl trying to fit in The ending, hwever, is sad i wont put any spoilers in this review so if you want to know why the ending is sad read the book for yourself

    19. Maurizia Calo says:
      much deeper of the majority of adolescents books, it gives an usual prospective on an experience otherwise described in a banal way The use of free verse gives strenght and melody to the story Touching Can t wait to read the writer s new book.

    20. Sharon says:
      Really cool format, with the poems and all It was than just poems though, it not only sounds lyrical but also told an interesting story.I liked the contrast the main character gives to the reader It was very enticing to learn about a new place.

    21. Suzanne says:
      This story of Sarah, a shy American high school girl who spends a summer at a kibbutz in Israel, is filled with wonderful details a tattoo on a baggage handler, a lychee orchard, the howling of wolves A lovely and melancholic novel.

    22. Sarah ♥ says:
      I didn t like or agree with everything that happened I still think the writing style is unique, and I like that, as well as some of the personal insight it gave into a look of Israel Now I want to go eat pizza with a view and have some local hummus.

    23. Alison says:
      This lyrical debut novel beautifully captures the experience of leaving behind a life that is too small and the freedom of searching for a place that s a perfect fit in this story about a girl who spends a life changing summer on a kibbutz in Israel.

    24. jade cassidy says:
      I loved this book so much An American jewish girl that goes to Israel for the first time to work on a kibbutz and gets to experience a different life She also feels like she fits in for the first time in her life.

    25. Ryan says:
      This is a gentle coming of age self discovery book easy to read, lyrical and sweet Sarah s life changing summer volunteer trip, connection with the land and desire to return transcend the specifics The names of the cultures and countries could be changed to just about anything.

    26. Donato says:
      The atmospheres recreated by the author is something really unique Reading the book is just like going through a real experience It was like I could really feel the weight of that wonderful Israeli sky described by Lisa Sandell Just great

    27. Jennifer Katz says:
      I ve never been a huge free verse poetry lover, and I read this one for a prooject I didn t expect a fabulous book, and I didn t get a fabulous book It wasn t bad, it wasn t good If you have nothing better to do, you should read this book just to pass the time.

    28. Megan M. says:
      I liked this book, it was really short because of how it was set up in a poem like structure I like how she finds her place in the world and learns her own culture, she seems real.

    29. Ashley Desotell says:
      Really wasn t my cup of tea as to say Some parts were ok.

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