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The Set Up

The Set Up Thirteen years ago Professor William Fox discovered DR a gene for psychic abilities By synthesising it he managed to implant it in a series of embryos knowing that the gene would be kick starte

  • Title: The Set Up
  • Author: Sophie McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9781847385253
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirteen years ago, Professor William Fox discovered DR6124 a gene for psychic abilities By synthesising it, he managed to implant it in a series of embryos, knowing that the gene would be kick started at puberty But Fox was killed by his business partner, Jack Linden, before he saw his experiment come to fruition Jack has big plans for the kids with the psychic geneThirteen years ago, Professor William Fox discovered DR6124 a gene for psychic abilities By synthesising it, he managed to implant it in a series of embryos, knowing that the gene would be kick started at puberty But Fox was killed by his business partner, Jack Linden, before he saw his experiment come to fruition Jack has big plans for the kids with the psychic gene IF he can track them down though Fox s brother, Fergus, is determined to stop him and keep the kids safe Nico telekinetic and cocky with it Ketty clairvoyant and terrified she s seen her brother s murder Dylan a mind reader with morals and Alicia able to withstand physical pain through the power of her mind Can Fergus keep them and his brother s experiment a secret

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      215 Sophie McKenzie
    The Set Up

    About Author

    1. Sophie McKenzie says:
      Hey there Welcome to my page where you can keep up with all my stories both the ones that are already published and the works in progress I write mostly thrillers though I have done some teen romance stories too.I m really excited right now because ofClose My Eyes which is my first psychological thriller for adult readers pub May 2013, UK, July 2013, US Split Second my new teen thriller for Autumn 2013 UK The Flynn teen romance series which started with Falling Fast and Burning Bright and continues with Casting Shadows pub July 2013, UK For info on these and my other books, check out my website sophiemckenziebooks

    Comment 519 on “The Set Up

    1. Emily May says:
      This book was recommended to me by my 14 year old sister, Chelsey, and I found it an easy and relatively enjoyable read I started and finished it within just a few hours.The story is good, typical of young adult science fiction really I enjoyed it but it wasn t unlike a million other books in this genre Though I did expect a younger writing style, I didn t realise just how young an audience this book was aimed at my typical young adult books tend to be somewhere in the 16 25 year old category an [...]

    2. Al says:
      Read the full review on CBY Book Club cbybookclub 201I ll make this quick as I don t have much to say about The Set Up apart from the fact that it wasn t as satisfying a read as I had expected it to be The concept was interesting, so I gave it a go and it turned out that the execution didn t complement the idea Based on the blurb, I knew I wasn t in for much of an original story but I had hoped it was going to be enjoyable and intriguing, which, I m sad to say, it wasn t.I didn t mind that it w [...]

    3. 15HillG says:
      I really liked the action in this book because it made me want to read even and i never wanted to put this book down

    4. 15SolankiK says:
      This book is one of those books you don t want to put down At first I didn t think I would like it but now I want to read the whole series

    5. Chelsey says:
      This book is Amazing Its a book i couldn t put down Sophie McKenzie hits the nail again with this tale of 4 teenagers finding that there mothers were implanted with the Medusa Gene giving each and everyone of them a special Psychic ability Although these special powers they have are truly phenomenal they are told there powers are evil and that they shouldn t be used, but the government think differently they want to find the original Medusa formula to use on other pregnant women but the thing is [...]

    6. Sophie says:
      this book was hilarious it probably would have been boring with out nico god he is a BRILLIANT character Just like most of Sophie McKenzie s books this one was addicting read it in about 2 days its good if you want a short read or want to get out of a reading fad the story is about Nico he is also the main character, and we fallow what happens when he discovers he has the Medusa gene The Medusa gene is a gene that is implanted in a child before its born, and when it reaches about 13 14 develops [...]

    7. Courteney Fisher says:
      So nostalgic I love reading s book from childhood and still enjoying it How is this not a to show its action packed with relatable characters Love this series so much and it s my favourite out of all Sophie McKenzie s books Can t wait to re read the rest P.s Best Xmas present ever Jess

    8. Lily Coldstream says:
      Mild spoilers I had high expectations for this book when I first picked it up, the blurb seemed interesting enough My sister had reccommend it to me before so I gave it go I was disappointed to find that it was entirely predictable There was no mystery to who the fourth child with the medusa gene was, it was so obvious that I originally assumed it was a red herring I found the characters to be unrealistic at times, the tension between Ed and Nico over Ketty seemed forced Nico was obsessed with K [...]

    9. Rheanna ☀️☀️☀️ says:
      First read in about 2010 Re reading.

    10. Ness says:
      Not terrible, but not amazing personally, if you re using the four teenagers find out they have special abilities setup, you have to bring a little bit to it Instead, every second conversation is about a love triangle by the end, quadrangle which brings nothing to the story and isn t easy to be invested in.A few opportunities are misused It s not much of a reveal who the mysterious fourth psychic is when there s only one character we ve met who it could be So that whole mystery was very underwh [...]

    11. Erika says:
      Nico Rafael is 14 years old and attends his stepfather s boarding school, Fox Academy Fergus Fox is giving an assembly when Nico is incensed after seeing his best friend and crush Ketty cozy up to another guy It isn t long before he makes a connection between his raging emotions and the strange wind activity that suddenly wreaks havoc in the assembly room Soon after, Fergus takes his stepson aside and makes his accusatory bombshell he knows it was Nico behind the while activity, Nico and his abi [...]

    12. MrsW says:
      Sophie McKenzie is one of my favourite authors I loved how she told this story from the point of view of different characters If you want to read an action packed book, this is the one for you

    13. 15GuptaM says:
      Amazing book that is really interesting and a great cross between sci if and adventure I couldn t stop reading it.

    14. 15SpanswickI says:
      I think it was a good intoduction to the series, although the book didn t have much action in it, I think it was relatively balanced, as he gets the girl in the end.

    15. TheBookAddictedGirl says:
      Over a decade ago, four babies were implanted with a gene known as the Medusa gene Its purpose To bring out psychic abilities But the scientist behind the experiment, William Fox, died, and the identity of the babies became unknown Now, all four are teenagers, with no clue of the powers that are inside them.Nico Rafael s power is telekinesis, and he s certain that it will bring him everything he ever wanted including the girl he s loved for years But Nico is about to find out that sometimes, eve [...]

    16. Kristen Keen says:
      I previously read Girl Missing, by Sophie Mckenzie and I LOVED it, so when I found this book on the shelf, I was eager to read it Nico, the step son of Fergus, who is actually the principal of the boarding school Nico attends in London, has a crush on a girl called Ketty, an enthusiastic runner, however becomes disheartened when he sees another guy with his arm around her during a school assembly During the assembly, furniture begins flying around, and everyone thinks a crazy storm has erupted, [...]

    17. Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies) says:
      This review was originally posted at Fluttering ButterfliesWhy did nobody tell me about The Medusa Project before now I really feel like I ve been missing out and now I have so much to catch up on The Set Up by Sophie McKenzie is the first book in the Medusa Project series, in which four teenagers find out that as babies they were all implanted with a special gene which has allowed them to have special powers once they ve reached puberty Really, how much do I love reading books about characters [...]

    18. Hina says:
      I think the title The Medusa Project is the reason why I set such high expectations for this book I ve always found history very interesting and the whole Medusa concept based book sounded very interesting I was then very disappointed that it was nothing to do with the snake haired monster at all, it was something much dull The story focuses on a boy called, Nico who has always had an infatuation with his best friend, Ketty He would do anything to impress her One day when listening to his step [...]

    19. Maxine says:
      Honestly I d have preferred to put down a 3.5 stars, but if I had to round it up or down, 3 stars was definitely the honest option The plot is quite confusing as after a certain point loads of events happen one after another and it gets hard to follow But even if it was confusing, I did like the overall plot as it was interesting I think the main reason I didn t enjoy this as much was because of the characters than half the main characters annoyed me so much view spoiler Nico I actually did li [...]

    20. Ross Kitson says:
      The first book in Sophie McKenzie s Medusa Project series sets the origins for the series It was the first of Mckenzie s books I d read, but my kids are big fans of both these books, and the Girl Missing books The target age seems to be middle grade , despite the characters being 15 The prose is well structured and not too fussy, and the dialogue punchy and realistic well with less swearing than your average 15 yr old I suppose The key characters are nicely established in the book, which is writ [...]

    21. Sachahaworth says:
      This is a young adult book about a teenage boy who develops pyschokinetic powers It transpires that this is a result of an experiemental project his mother and several other women were involved with to create children like him Rebelling against his step father s controlling behaviour, he discovers that not only are there are children like him, but that there is to the project than there seems to be There are some complex themes running through this book the relationship between step parents an [...]

    22. Linda says:
      This is book 1 in a series called The Medusa Project A man named William Fox injected 4 unborn children with an experimental gene through their mothers umbilicus in a government experiment to create people with psychic abilities Too late it was discovered that the mothers were also infected with a cancer causing virus that caused their early demises The formula was hidden away and the anonymous children scattered Now it s 14 years later, William Fox is dead, and the children s various psychic ab [...]

    23. Sammee (I Want to Read That) says:
      Another Sophie Mckenzie book that I really enjoyed I really like her writing style and find her stories are always great fun to read.This story focuses on Nico It turns out that he was one of four babies who were given the Medusa gene a gene for psychic abilities Once his kicks in he thinks he can use them to impress the girl he really likes But it turns out not all is what it seems.I liked Nico He is a tad cocky but he is also likeable A bit gullible perhaps but overall I really warmed to him I [...]

    24. Nina says:
      I don t know whether I liked this book or not After finishing it, I was left with a strange sense of unsatisfactionI know the series continues, but I don t think I want to continue reading it It was a good book it was full of action, drama and suspense but the characters were awful Each one seemed to be incredibly stupid, whiny, and irritating, and I felt like slapping each and every one of them It was like their personalities weren t set in stone they were constantly changing I also hated how o [...]

    25. Daisy says:
      i thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to end i enjoyed all the characters and the plot of the bookis book is about a boy named nico who was injected with the medusa gene when he was in his mothers womb so was four other people the gene caused all of the babies mothers to die roughly after 3 years of giving birth and the babies all manifestered powers such as telepathy, telekenesis e.c.t these powers start at roughly 13 14 years of age after puberty this book is about Nico discovering the adv [...]

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