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Lennox First novel in the Lennox series featuring a shady investigator on the tough streets of s Glasgow

  • Title: Lennox
  • Author: Craig Russell
  • ISBN: 9781847249678
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • First novel in the Lennox series, featuring a shady investigator on the tough streets of 1950 s Glasgow.

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    • ☆ Lennox ✓ Craig Russell
      222 Craig Russell

    About Author

    1. Craig Russell says:
      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Craig Russell was born in 1956, in Fife, Scotland He served as a police officer and worked in the advertising company as a copywriter and creative director Russell had a long standing interest in the German language and in post war German history and society He has been a freelance writer for twelve years.Also writes under the pseudonym Christopher Galt

    Comment 459 on “Lennox

    1. Maria João Fernandes says:
      Lennox o primeiro livro de uma s rie que promete, aos amantes de policiais, momentos de leitura emocionantes, na companhia do talento excepcional de Craig Russell Nas palavras de Michael Connelly cujo livro Lua Vazia recomendo Lennox mais do que um policial, uma hist ria genial Este escritor do noir rendeu me ao seu estilo narrativo directo e cruel desde a primeira p gina A realidade retratada tal como , seja com um tom terrivelmente s rio ou com um tom de humor incrivelmente inteligente A hist [...]

    2. Noelle says:
      Ok so I was chatting to Graham Smith whose books, by the way are bloody awesome on social media and he asks if I have ever read any of Craig Russell s books I immediately did what any self respecting blogger would do.d checked my kindle NOPE Mr Smith proceeds to totally big up this Craig Russell guy and then suggested I would enjoy the Lennox series So yeah I downloaded book 1 I was easily persuaded.OH MY FRIGGIN GOD bookjunkies Where the hell have I been This book was published in 2010 and I ha [...]

    3. Raven says:
      A cracking start to a potentially great series and a book which further compounds my disbelief that Russell is so underated in the crime genre as his Jan Fabel series is compelling reading Anyway, I digress, Lennox does for 50 s Glasgow what Arnott did for 60 s London with the same assortment of dodgy gangsters, bent coppers and the wonderfully seedy underbelly of post war society I think what sets this apart is not only the brilliant re creation of the period but the strength of the characteris [...]

    4. Karl says:
      This is the hardcover published by Quercus from the UK published in 2009, a first edition I m a bit confused where the title listing came from as the words A Man for Hire, But Not for Sale is nowhere to be found on the book or on the copyright page.

    5. John McDermott says:
      An excellent start to a crime noir series that puts the hard in boiled Wonderful characters throughout with a great evocation of Fifties Glasgow.Highly recommended.

    6. Arka Mukherjee says:
      I ve heard of Craig Russell and his books before and wanted to try them for a long time I finally picked up a copy of Lennox and here it goes Glasgow, 1950 s The city is a very difficult place to live given the gang wars, drugs, prostitution and of course the difficult lifestyle of it s people and our man Lennox makes his living as a shady private eye, working cases for The Three Kings, rulers of Glasgow underground One evening, he s approached by Tam McGahern as his twin brother Frankie to look [...]

    7. Lainy says:
      Time taken to read 2 daysPages 425Publisher QuercusBlurb from Glasgow, 1953 the war may be over but the battle for the streets is just beginning Three crime bosses control the murky streets, but a small scale con is trying to invade their territory The balance is shifting Lennox, a hard man in a hard city at a hard time, finds himself caught in the middle a dangerous place to be.One night, a body is discovered on the road, his head mashed to pulp, and Lennox is in the frame for murder The only w [...]

    8. Craig Sisterson says:
      Former Scottish policeman Craig Russell has made his literary name and won several awards penning crime fiction centred on Hamburg detective Jan Fabel mythology drenched murder stories set in contemporary Germany But with his latest book, Lennox, the first of a planned series of neo noir novels, he returns home and also heads back in time After surviving an awful war which stained his soul, Canadian ex soldier Lennox now operates as a private eye and fixer in a battlefield equally as brutal the [...]

    9. Santiago Álvarez says:
      Primera entrega de este personaje de Graig Russell La ambientaci n en la oscura Escocia de los 50 es brillante y estremecedora, un campo de juego agreste y duro donde los que no tienen agallas para ello lo pagar n caro Entre ellos se mueve Lennox con gallard a y obstinaci n parejas, en un reflejo deformado del hardboiled del otro lado del charco Hay momentos brillantes, pero no siempre de continuo hay momentos en los que Lennoxx se rie del mundo, pero luego se lo toma todo demasiado en serio Qui [...]

    10. Wren says:
      Finally, a Scottish writer who follows the detective fiction tradition of Chandler and MacDonald with a noiresque world view Harkening back to the rough and tumble world of 1950 s gangland Glasgow Russell fills the night with tough guys whipping out both guns and one liners A must read for those fans of detective fiction who feared all was lost to the glitz of forensics and trial procedurals Wish I had written this one Loved by the hardened readers at Monday Night Murders I will be reading the r [...]

    11. Ramon Yáñez lópez says:
      Despues de un comienzo poco prometedor, en el que se repite hasta la saciedad que los hombres de Glasgow son bajitos y desnutridos Russell empieza a desgranar una historia s rdida, en la que estan implicados los bajos fondos de Glasgow El protagonista es antag nico del famoso Bernie Gunther De las novelas de Philip Kerr No tiene nada de buena persona y su humor esta lejos de la ironia de Bernie.Final trepidante y que deja, y eso me sorprendio, un buen regusto de boca.

    12. Bettie☯ says:
      Taut neo noir thriller read by Grant O Rourke The scene is 1953 ganglandc iplayer episode Talked up toughness of the blurb far outstripped the actuality.2.5

    13. Atram_sinprisa says:
      Bueno, no Buen simo Me he tragado 200 p ginas en un d a porque no pod a parar Incre ble, no tengo adjetivos

    14. Alex Ronk says:
      No saben las grandes expectativas que le ten a a este libro ya hab a le do algo del autor hace unos a os y como me hab a gustado tanto, pens que ste no ser a una excepci n, pero es bastante diferente de lo que pens y no es que sea una completa porquer a, porque tiene cosas rescatables, pero al menos a mi me qued a deber un poco Se agradece un poco que no sea tan largo, pero a mi me pas que ciertos momentos me aburr an, creo que sobran y s lo entorpecen la historia, porque el protagonista no es d [...]

    15. Dave says:
      A brilliant book with characters who leap from the page at every turn One of the most entertaining books I have read in ages.

    16. Russell Robertson says:
      Great detective series set in the sixties

    17. Alex Ronk says:
      No saben las grandes expectativas que le ten a a este libro ya hab a le do algo del autor hace unos a os y como me hab a gustado tanto, pens que ste no ser a una excepci n, pero es bastante diferente de lo que pens y no es que sea una completa porquer a, porque tiene cosas rescatables, pero al menos a mi me qued a deber un poco Se agradece un poco que no sea tan largo, pero a mi me pas que ciertos momentos me aburr an, creo que sobran y s lo entorpecen la historia, porque el protagonista no es d [...]

    18. Subash says:
      Lennox wisecracks almost non stop but while it s not always funny some of it is precious and Craig himself does a star turn building atmosphere that is quite worthy of a noir classic He has a knack for weaving in street lingo that was current Glaswegian talk in the time frame he talks about, as well as an affectionate contempt for the foibles of the folks here that s dead on true even today I love the grunge of Glasgow, and the music scene there is quite inimitable but I can completely relate to [...]

    19. Karen says:
      Craig Russell is best known for his series of novels featuring Hamburg based detective Jan Fabel, but LENNOX is it is reported the first in a series of neo noir styled novels, this one set in Glasgow, post World War II Lennox is a Canadian ex soldier who bears the psychological and physical scars of a brutal war, left with a skill set that makes him an ideal player in post war, corrupt, grimy, dirty, mucky, violent Glasgow Organised crime is establishing itself and at the centre of machinations [...]

    20. JoãoJorge says:
      Lennox is a wonderful noir, with every classic element present and a clear love for the genre by the author You can easily tell Craig Russell enjoyed writing Lennox and had fun and we as the reader share his enthusiasm This is the classic hard boiled story, a private detective with a chip on his shoulder, cynic and bitter with life but with a good heart deep down and his own set of moral rules he lives by Ultimately Russell s strict adherence to the genre s tropes is also the book s only flaw Le [...]

    21. hcelvis says:
      1953 Der Kanadier Lennox arbeitet als Privatdetektiv im Glasgow der Nachkriegsjahre gr tenteils f r die drei rtlichen Gangsterbosse Als der aufstrebende Rivale Tam McGahern ermordet wird, beauftragt ihn dessen Bruder Frankie, den Mord aufzukl ren Doch Lennox lehnt ab Kurze Zeit sp ter ist Frankie ebenfalls tot und der Verdacht f llt auf Lennox Obwohl er sich aus den F ngen der Polizei erst einmal befreien kann, l t Lennox die Geschichte nicht ruhen Unter Druck der drei Gangsterbosse, der Polizei [...]

    22. Aiden Mchaffie says:
      Oh wow This book was written for me I would actually give six stars, this book deserves such clich s.Set in grimy post war gangland Glasgow we find a cheery, dapper Canadian war veteran, who got off the boat in Glasgow and didn t get the next one home A mixture of Jim Rockford and Steve McGarrett who have been transported to Scotland in an attempt to avoid getting slugged from behind as often sadly failed The beauty of taking a step back in time is the exemption from modern convention of how thi [...]

    23. Chris Birrane says:
      Murder mayhembut with a touch of class I defy you not love Lennox, the character in a macho way of course At the risk of appearing sexist, this is a man s book a boy s own, rough, tough and in you face tale, with gangsters, minders, guns, knives, saps and a narrative straight out of a Humphrey Bogart movie, only sharper, cruder and well.Scottish even allowing that Lennox is Canadian, one gangster is Jewish and another a Irish I m confusing you, aren t I Don t worry, it s not that complicated.I m [...]

    24. Joe Stamber says:
      Lennox, the titular character, is a tough private eye who doesn t care too much which side of the law he works on or for in this noir crime thriller set in 1950s Glasgow While he might have a handful of legitimate cases, most of his income appears to come from digging up information to help Glasgow s crime kings stay on their lofty perches The steps Lennox takes to get this information are usually on thin ice, and he spends most of the tale in one kind of a peril or another The story is told in [...]

    25. Samantha Dewhurst says:
      This is the fist Craig Russel book that I have read and probably isnt one I would normally have picked up if it wasnt for my dad recomending it to me At first it was a bit slow and I have to admit I wasnt hooked at first There were quite a few characters involved and I found myself forgetting who was who Once things started getting exciting the last 5 chapters or so I was hooked and I wanted to read The ending wasnt the clearest and I did find myself getting a bit confused about the conclusion, [...]

    26. Rob Kitchin says:
      Lennox is a gritty PI tale set in Glasgow not long after the end of the Second World War Naturally cynical, hardened by the war and tenacious, Lennox is well able to look after himself on the tough streets of the Scottish city, offering services to shady characters, including the three kings, the rival leaders of the main three gangs Russell tells the tale of Lennox s attempt to solve the murders of the McGahern twins in a first person voice that is genuinely engaging and brings 1950s Glasgow to [...]

    27. Manuel Antão says:
      Ian Rankin and now Craig Russell Are there any scottish writers of quality that I should be aware of I m quite partial to good noir storytelling And this a good example of this Neo noir It s always difficult to sustain a tale told in the first person narrative, with everything that it implies And Russell comes off at the end in flying colours.The sense of place, the gloom and the ever present outfall from a brutal war WWII is palpable All noir settings are there rapid fire dialogue, lone wolf [...]

    28. Mark McVay says:
      I only ordered this from the library as I d read a review of the latest in the series, saw they were set in Glasgow and thought it best to start with book one It wasn t until I collected the book and read the cover blurb I realised it centred around Glasgow gangsters not my usual genre and until I actually started the book that I realised it was set in the early fifties I think it was the grimy, post war setting, set in the city I live in that made me enjoy this book so much Yes the plot is stre [...]

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