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Demon Clay has just been hired to write a memoir for a demon named Lucian As he begins to find eerie similarities between Lucian and himself Clay reaches a devastating conclusion He is writing his own

  • Title: Demon
  • Author: Tosca Lee
  • ISBN: 9781600061233
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clay has just been hired to write a memoir for a demon named Lucian As he begins to find eerie similarities between Lucian and himself, Clay reaches a devastating conclusion He is writing his own

    Demon Definition of Demon by Merriam Webster Demon definition is an evil spirit How to use demon in a sentence an evil spirit a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin an attendant power or spirit genius Demon definition of demon by The Free Dictionary evil spirit, devil, fiend, goblin, ghoul, malignant spirit a woman possessed by evil demons wizard, master, ace informal , addict, fanatic, fiend He is a demon for discipline monster, beast, villain, rogue, barbarian, brute, ogre He was a dictator and a demon. Demon Definition of Demon at Dictionary an evil passion or influence a person considered extremely wicked, evil, or cruel a person with great energy, drive, etc He s a demon for work. Demon Directed by Dallas King With Ramon Antonio, Michael Dionne, Thai Edwards, Chris Kelly When the embodiment of evil rises to destroy Earth and all that we know, can the human race defend itself or will it succumb to the forces of evil When you enter the world of Demonology List of Demon Names, Devils, Evil Spirits Demonology List of Demon Names, Devils, Evil Spirits Virtually all religions cultures have various supernatural entities that are considered malevolent or even evil In some cultures, these may be simply forces of nature like hurricanes Sometimes they are entities with capabilities for destruction such as fertility gods goddesses.

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      445 Tosca Lee

    About Author

    1. Tosca Lee says:
      Superior storytelling Publishers Weekly FIRSTBORN, the sequel to THE PROGENY, is out now Tosca Lee is the award winning, New York Times bestselling author of THE PROGENY, ISCARIOT THE LEGEND OF SHEBA DEMON A MEMOIR HAVAH THE STORY OF EVE and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker FORBIDDEN, MORTAL, SOVEREIGN A notorious night owl, she loves watching TV, eating bacon, playing Call of Duty and football with her kids, and sending cheesy texts to her husband.You can find Tosca at ToscaLee, on social media, or hanging around the snack table.

    Comment 475 on “Demon

    1. Stephen says:
      1.0 stars WELL IT HAD TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLYI AM ABOUT TO GO ON MY FIRST RANTThis book PISSED me offNow,before I go any further, I want to make a few things clear, not because I am overly concerned with being politically correct but because I don t want my comments to be misconstrued or taken to mean one thing when I am trying to say another Therefore, fellow readers, I would like the following statements entered into the record 1 I AM NOT ANTI CHRISTIAN Anyone who knows me would know how silly it [...]

    2. Laura Baugh says:
      I picked up this book quite prepared to hate it.I had good reason After all, it may be true that 90% of a genre is crud Sturgeon s Law , but it is also true that in religious fiction, it s at least 99% that is crud After all, this is a genre in which the memo about the medium being the message was wholly missed, where inferior art is justified in the name of Meaning Personally, I regard that attitude as horrifically insulting to not only the reader but also the Author of all things, but that s a [...]

    3. Yin Chien 인첸 says:
      Demon A Memoir is told from an interesting perspective, and I really liked how Tosca weaves everything together with her beautifully crafted words The concept, main theme and synopsis of the story sounds brilliant I found it interesting sometimes, but the other times, I found it a little confusing.I liked how Tosca portrayed the demon s hatred towards humans It was clear that Lucian was jealous because God loved the humans, who were newly created but imperfect, than his kind When Lucian first w [...]

    4. Sarah says:
      I ve often said I m a sucker for occult fiction After reading Tosca Lee s Demon, I feel emphasis being placed on sucker It s all in the wording at its heart, this book is religious fiction Those who want their faith reinforced in a book will be pleased with Demon as well as for its lack of, say, violence action and language But anyone with than a baseline knowledge of the biblically occult or any expectation of a story greater than a simple moral tale will be underwhelmed There are books deemed [...]

    5. David Alderman says:
      For me, it s hard to find compelling Christian fiction that can hold my interest I became a fan of Tosca Lee when I met her about a year ago at a writer s meeting and purchased a copy of Havah The Story of Eve Havah opened my eyes to how beautifully Christian fiction could be written without coming off preachy In the same lines of Ted Dekker, Tosca knows how to write compelling fiction that everyone will enjoy reading, filled with themes of redemption and of good overcoming evil.After purchasing [...]

    6. J.S. Bailey says:
      Author Tosca Lee s novel Demon A Memoir tells the story of Clay, a recently divorced editor who has become disillusioned with his job and life in general One evening when he arrives at a cafe for dinner, a stranger greets him by name and welcomes him to join him at his table In fact, this stranger seems to know about Clay than Clay himself does I know you re searching, Clay I know you re wondering what these late, dark nights are for You have that seasonal disease, that modern ailment, don t yo [...]

    7. Xdpaul says:
      As you know, I don t rank works of literature, however, I can name only about a score of major modern works that really matter Beowulf, Don Quixote, Dante s Divine Comedy, Hamlet and Henry V, Canterbury Tales if you must In the 20th Century, I ve read a few great tales The Wasteland, the Lord of the Rings, Perelandra, The Great Divorce, The Violent Bear it Away, Ficciones, the Name of the Rose, and The Secret History.So, there you have it This reader s noted great works first saw print, with the [...]

    8. Brainycat says:
      Brainycat s 5 B s blood 0boobs 0bombs 0bondage 0blasphemy 1Bechdel Test FAILDeggan s Rule FAILGay Bechdel Test FAILI m not a christian I m not a big fan of organized religions at all, and I harbor than a little scorn for all the variations of abrahamaic religions Obviously I started this book with the expectation that I wouldn t like it, but I wanted to try something different just for the visceral reaction I m so jaded on horror and gore these days, I figured a treatise on the nature of divini [...]

    9. Steven says:
      Now here s an unexpected read from the Christian bookstore Gotta love that title I enjoyed the story good characters, an interesting story, an enigmatic ending.But the best writing is the insight Lee provides as the demon tells his tale of watching the various acts of God El throughout history The fallen angel s description of creation is particularly moving In fact, it is worth the price of the book This is a story Christians know well Too well, in fact Creation, seven days, yada yada yada Like [...]

    10. Lisa Rathbun says:
      I liked the author s style, but I found the plot itself uncompelling It felt to me like it was supposed to be moving, but I was unmoved, or that insightful comments were being made but I was left uninspired For one thing, I never like books or plays about people writing a book or putting on a play It just becomes too self conscious POSSIBLE SPOILER Near the end, Clay realizes about his wife that I had surely let her down as much as she had betrayed and abandoned me I was a good man, but I was no [...]

    11. Alea Harper says:
      This is one of the most well written, deep books I have ever read.I started reading this on the plane back from Realm Makers I started crying right there on the plane This book has SO MANY FEELS The poor man next to me on the plane The character development is amazing Right off the bat, I am in Clay s head Throughout the story we witness and feel his downward spiral into spoiler inserted here Lucian is developed as well I haven t thought about spiritual warfare very much, but I certainly do afte [...]

    12. Tiffany says:
      stumbled upon this book while browsing in a bookstore and downloaded it to my Kindle the same day I enjoyed this from the very first page all the way to the end Clay is a divorced editor in Boston who is still struggling with the reasons behind his divorce and its aftermath On a rainy evening, he meets Lucian, a demon who is determined to tell his story and have it published Lucian continues to appear to Clay as different human characters until his story is told As a Christian who has studied th [...]

    13. Linda Yezak says:
      I m sorry the rating system goes only to five stars This novel is far superior to any other I ve given five stars to Not only is it vividly, compellingly written, it s also stunningly feasible Thought provoking doesn t begin to cover it The story, at its most stripped down, basic plot, is about a demon who takes on various human forms and appears at different times to tell his story to an editor at a publishing house And it s about the man to whom he tells his story.But that s not doing the nove [...]

    14. Angela Breidenbach says:
      One of my favorite books of all time because it speaks to the human condition The plot twist at the end is brilliant and stuck with me years after I read this book I still talk about it My take away from reading Demon A Memoir is that though my life is busy, I want the busy to be part of the plan God has for my life and not the crazy circles of the rat race around me I enjoyed the main character, Clay, and how he constantly is faced with a variety of personas the fallen angel takes on to pester [...]

    15. Jerry says:
      Much like her contemporary Ted Dekker, Tosca Lee s book is edgy and a challenge to our faith It brings life to the oft quoted James 2 19 You believe that there is one God Good Even the demons believe that and shudder NIV Fans of Dekker or similar authors, such as Frank Peretti or Bill Myers, should check this one out it s a rough one, but it s worth it

    16. Krisi Keley says:
      Clay, a divorced editor whose life has become meaningless to him, thinks he has found purpose again when he becomes obsessed with the story of Lucian, a demon who tells the writer he must record the story of his fall with the other angels who followed Lucifer.When I first started this novel and a good portion of the way through it, I was sure it was going to be one of my favorites because I found the premise fascinating, the writing beautiful and the character development and dialogue excellent [...]

    17. Rachel says:
      This book is creepy, intriguing, and haunting from beginning to end I am not a fan of horror per say, but this book was absolutely fantastic in a horrific kind of way I have read Tosca Lee s other book, Havah, and I was just as impressed by Lee s style of writing in this book Her descriptions are vivid and incredible I can easily discern that the work she puts into the background information is both from intense study as well as a wonderful imagination.I have read lots of fantasy, including some [...]

    18. LadyCalico says:
      Disturbing, unsettling loved this book of Spiritual Warfare coming to a very vulnerable lost soul in Boston It was not only a great work of Christian Fiction, but a great work of fiction First, let s give the little lady a big round of applause for keeping it devoid of the ridiculously wooden, bloodless characters and the cheesy perfect Christian Romance that have become de rigueur in the lame Christian Fiction aisles Yah Yah Second, it contained much psychological drama with such realistic char [...]

    19. Lori Twichell says:
      Tosca Lee s book is astoundingly beautiful I was completely mesmerized as I read, unable, in a lot of instances, to put the book down Though the stories were ones that I knew by heart, the new spin and way that she brought the characters to life was amazing Everything she included in this book was absolutely realistic It s entirely possible that this is exactly what the demons and Satan feel for us the clay people In some areas, it was hard for me to remember that this was fiction.The writing wa [...]

    20. Kerry Nietz says:
      Demon A Memoir was a lost treasure on my computer for a while I downloaded it as part of a giveaway before I even had an eReader I just figured since I enjoyed Tosca s other book, Havah, I would enjoy this too someday when I finally got an eReader Then I bought an eReader but forgot I had the book Many months passed Then I just happened to search by file type one dayAnyway, now I ve found it, and I ve read it Enjoyed it I found the writing great, the story well thought out, and the characters me [...]

    21. Jasmine says:
      3.8 Ending wasn t what I expected But there are some good lessons in this book This book led me on and I was expecting somethinger Then the ending was kinda disappointing.

    22. Maureen says:
      After reading Havah, I found it irresistible for me to rummage through thriftbooks to find Tosca s first novel, and it hasn t disappointed Despite the fact that I read it with many days in between readings due to some tumultuous days of traveling and play, the momentum from previous bits was enough for me to want to continue reading, and the detail was piercing enough where I found very little need to reread any of the previous parts.This novel takes many things that we often take for granted as [...]

    23. Jean Hoefling says:
      In her usual creative way, Tosca Lee gives the reader a chilling glimpse into the way dark angels might think, what their strategy to harness human souls might be This is the Christian message with twists and turns that would make the staunchest unbeliever wince As to the ending, I never saw it coming I actually grieved for Clayton, as though he was someone I actually knew Fact is, I know plenty of Claytons Demon is written so well, I d recommend it to anyone interested in spiritual dynamics.

    24. Cyr says:
      A McKay s find of my wife s that she changed her mind about and passed to me Basically it s Interview With The Vampire, but with damned angel Lucian taking the place of Louis the disillusioned bloodsucker to recount his own history His firsthand descriptions of the fall and the early days humanity inevitably come off like a Paradise Lost rewritten for a modern audience though of course not nearly so detailed or brilliant as that telling Not that it s terrible, just not remotely in the same leagu [...]

    25. Joan says:
      Tosca Lee s Demon A Memoir is an engaging, thought provoking book, I had to set with it for a few days after finishing this exquisite story The story follows Clay, a divorced editor whose wife left him for another man and Lucian, who is determined to have his personal story told The demon s perspective was both unnerving and sympathetic This is one of the most original and compelling books I have ever read and it stayed with me long after Clay s epilogue.

    26. Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:
      If you re like me, you ve probably read the creation account of the Bible quite a few times as well as the story of the life and testimony of Jesus Christ When I had the opportunity to read, Demon A Memoir by Tosca Lee I was completely blown away by the author s ability to enhance what I ve read time and time again with new clarity Mind you she doesn t take away anything from the Bible, but merely increases the reader s knowledge about why there is such a hatred from demons towards human beings [...]

    27. Sheryl Rogener says:
      Demon A Memoir by Tosca LeeI confess, at first glance of the title of this book I was hesitant to read it First, it was being compared to the Screwtape Lettersd that book was already written second, I don t like books that end up magnifying demons last, ever since watching Helter Skelter as a kid, I don t care for watching or reading things that keep me up at night.However, I do like free books and this was my first opportunity to do a review for this company, so I felt I d better take the chall [...]

    28. Malcolm says:
      Clay s wife recently left him for another man, his writing career is stalled, his personal life is a mess, and he s falling behind in his work as an acquisitions editor at a small Boston publisher He desperately needs a break, an infusion of something positive into his life that will cast out the worst of his past while giving him a goal he can believe in.When he finds an omniscient, dark haired stranger waiting for him at a cafe on a rainy night with a story to tell, Clay views him as a nutcase [...]

    29. Cindy says:
      Suddenly, I realized that being angelic and fallen was similar to being human and fallen except for one major difference the provision of a Messiah And how would you feel upon knowing that not every mud person jumped at the chance to have that great gift you feel so much deserving of only one thing that the majority of the mud people decided they didn t want or need Tosca Lee s Demon A Memoir is written to shed truth by using a jealous and revengeful fallen angel I am impressed with the researc [...]

    30. Julie Graves says:
      Clay is an editor at a publishing company He is also trying to rebuild his life after his wife of 5 years has left him for another man.Lucian is a demon He starts visiting Clay taking on different human forms Lucian wants Clay to write his Lucian s story Lucian is one of the fallen angels He was banished to roam the earth with Satan and the rest of the host that followed him.Clay is facinated with Lucian s story He seems unable to keep himself from writing each encounter down exactly as Lucian t [...]

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