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A Gracious Plenty

A Gracious Plenty Badly burned in a household accident when she was a child Finch Nobles grows into a courageous and feisty loner who eschews the pity of her hometown and discovers that she can hear the voices of the

  • Title: A Gracious Plenty
  • Author: Sheri Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780609803875
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Badly burned in a household accident when she was a child, Finch Nobles grows into a courageous and feisty loner who eschews the pity of her hometown and discovers that she can hear the voices of the people buried in her father s cemetery Finally, when she speaks to them, they answer, telling their stories in a remarkable chorus of regrets, explanations, and insights ABadly burned in a household accident when she was a child, Finch Nobles grows into a courageous and feisty loner who eschews the pity of her hometown and discovers that she can hear the voices of the people buried in her father s cemetery Finally, when she speaks to them, they answer, telling their stories in a remarkable chorus of regrets, explanations, and insights A Gracious Plenty is like an extraordinary amalgam of Steinbeck and Faulkner, Spoon River Anthology and Our Town It is a reading experience that you will not soon forget.

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    A Gracious Plenty

    About Author

    1. Sheri Reynolds says:
      Sheri Reynolds is an author of contemporary Southern fiction.Sheri Reynolds was born and raised in rural South Carolina She graduated from Conway High School in 1985, Davidson College in 1989, and Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992.Her published novels include Bitterroot Landing, The Rapture of Canaan an Oprah book club selection and New York Times bestseller , A Gracious Plenty 98 , Firefly Cloak 06 , The Sweet In Between 08 , and The Homespun Wisdom of Myrtle T Cribb 12 Her first play, Orabelle s Wheelbarrow, won the Women Playwrights Initiative playwriting competition for 2005 Also Professor of English and the Ruth and Perry Morgan Chair of Southern Literature at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, Sheri teaches creative writing and literature classes She won the Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council for Higher Education of Virginia in 2003 In 2005, she received a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts in playwriting She has also taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, The College of William and Mary, and Davidson College.Sheri lives in the town of Cape Charles on Virginia s Eastern Shore.

    Comment 290 on “A Gracious Plenty

    1. knig says:
      Finch had her face burned to a crisp when she was four Now she tends a cemetery and communes with the dead.You think its easy writing about dead people There is a litany of failures dotting the literary landscape in this particular ouvre The prosecution calls the following culprits to the stand book show 34 book show 18 book show 11 book show 12Just like Goldilocks would allege its never just right too sentimental, too maudlin, too trying too hard, annoying, cloying, patronising, proselytising, [...]

    2. Lisa says:
      While Reynolds Rapture of Canaan got the most attention, I think this book is spectacular Set in a graveyard, narrated by a woman who has endured living with a disfigured face, the language and sentiments are hypnotic The protagonist blurs her reality between the dead and the living, but remains distant from her own soul I ve taught this book several times and each read through I see something new a compelling read.

    3. Garry says:
      I thought it was about time that I added my favourite book of all time, one of the few books that I ve read and then re read and then re read again The setting for A Gracious Plenty is a cemetary, and its world is inhabited by ghosts This is not a horror story though ghosts are portrayed as the benevolent beings that create an added richness to our world They are the best friends, the only real friends of Finch, who is badly scarred from burns she received as a child She finds solace with her fr [...]

    4. Pamela says:
      Bizarrely good, in a wildly unconventional and cautionary kind of way Finch sees scars everyday Scalded and scared as a young child, skin the texture of tree bark, she can t help but see scars each time she glimpses her own reflection Finch also sees dead people Not only does she see them, she converses with them daily Another reason for the townsfolk to avoid her like the plague And another reason for Finch to lash out in bitterness and rage Finch, you can t blame a child You gotta remember yo [...]

    5. Megan says:
      Yet another book where I completely disagree with all of the reviews I was really looking forward to reading this because most of the reviews gave it 4 or 5 stars The only reason it is getting 2 instead of 1 is because it is not like anything else I have ever read I like the uniqueness of the story but in general it really grossed me out Between the way she described her scrapings and the cat that was pooping worms, and the cat that she killed I was very tempted to stop reading I really wish I h [...]

    6. Cindy says:
      This was a lovely story about a woman who was badly burned when young and now is tending the local cemetery Oh, and she can speak with the dead who linger there In this story, the dead must get their issues resolved before they can lighten and release themselves from the cemetery and arise to the afterlife It is well written and there is so much here about life and redemption Not all scars are on the outside and the dead have much to teach us.Quotes to remember In death, all the wounds begin to [...]

    7. Morgan says:
      A wonderful novel by the amazing Southern writer Sheri Reynolds A gentle, funny, moving story about a woman whose community includes both neighbors and folks living in the cemetary, and I came to care for all of them.If you want to cuddle up and read a great story, read this book.

    8. Rita says:
      Darkness and light, longing, loneliness and compassion fill this interesting and very different tale Finch Nobles, an imaginative five year old, burned herself when she pulled a boiling pot off the stove to water her broom pony As she grew she suffered the horror of being called a monster by every child she met while adults fled or ignored her Her own mother never forgave herself for allowing Finch to play in the kitchen with the pot on the stove and became a shell of a woman, dieing within 10 y [...]

    9. Lauren says:
      Many years ago I read one of Reynolds other books, The Rapture of Canaan, and was incredibly moved by it, so when I came across A Gracious Plenty I figured it was worth a read The narrator, Finch Nobles, is a burn victim who upkeeps the cemetery in a small community Because of her disfigurement and her radical behavior she talks to the dead she is ostensibly ostracized from her community In fact other than the local vegetable man and Leonard, a police officer who is also somewhat of an outcast, [...]

    10. Marguerite says:
      Interesting, until the last two dozen pages, which read like a Lifetime television drama I expect from Sheri Reynolds Still, there are nice bits I tend this land This land and the things that grow here are the only family I have left With my scarred face and scarred neck and one scarred arm, I stake plots with wood and string, a room for you, a room for you I bury the ones who died noisy in quiet, the ones who died lonely in family plots The ones who died young, I cradle in boxwoods Foes kiss h [...]

    11. Michele says:
      I had no idea what to expect from this book and the fact that she wrote another book The Rapture of Canaan with an overly religious title that was also an Oprah book club selection was kind of a turnoff But I started with the story and really got pulled in The people who gave it bad reviews or said they didn t understand it or that they had to suspend belief obviously have a lack of imagination in their lives This is a wonderful, creative story, almost a fable, and Reynolds writing is really gre [...]

    12. Judy says:
      Finch Nobles is a young woman who was severely burned on her face and upper body when she was a child The resultant scars have caused Finch to withdraw from the stares and cruel comments of people, especially children, and she retreats into her home and the cemetery which she tends on her family s land Eventually she learns that if she listens long and hard enough that she can hear the voices of the dead in the graveyard In fact, when she speaks to them, they can answer In the conversations the [...]

    13. Christine says:
      This is another book I thoroughly enjoyed reading The story is told by the main character, who was severly burned as a young child and because of this deformity was always the outcast in the small town she lived in Following in her father s footsteps, she becomes the caretaker of the small local cemetery While doing this she discovers she has the ability to communicate with the souls interred there while they are working on their transition into their final state of light This book is heartwarmi [...]

    14. Tom says:
      A good book about a graveyard caretaker and her life with the dead The main character says I stake plots with wood and string, a room for you, a room for you I bury the ones who died noisy, in quiet, the ones who died lonely in family plots The ones who died young, I cradle in boxwoods Foes kiss here Fears decompose here And in death, all the wounds begin to heal from the inside out I did not find the book morbid or depressing I thought it was an interesting, and perhaps unique, look at life, de [...]

    15. Stacy says:
      I loved the grumpy Finch and the loving way she tended to the cemetery, Reynolds painted a clear and beautiful picture of both Highly recommended for those of you who aren t afraid to try something a little differentere s on my blog stacybuckeye.wordpress 201

    16. Nitamarie says:
      I have always hesitated to say this is one of my favorite books, but after reading so many reviews here that say the same thingI ll admit it I love this book Each time I read it, I m moved by the main character in a different way When you hear a character s voice in your head long after the book is on your shelf collecting dust, you know this writer touched you.

    17. Erica says:
      I m on page 43 and I m in love I hope this book stays this amazing all the way through I wanna curl up inside it and dream What kind of a person thinks so poetically I might be in love with this book Crossing my fingers it holds out til the endp Loved it

    18. Lacey says:
      This was a great quick read I loved the idea that the main character could communicate with the dead in the cemetery she maintained and lived next to It was a fun and quirky read, with just enough magical realism to make it special and conflict to make it interesting I would highly recommend.

    19. Jenneffer says:
      i really liked this book for the protagonist narrator s character, and the subject matter of dead people

    20. David Gill says:
      This is absolutely one of my favorite novels It is so beautifully written, and so personal and intimately told I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who appreciates great story telling.

    21. Sarah says:
      Shirley Jackson meets Thornton Wilder.I love everything about this novel.

    22. Diane says:
      Finch Nobles is a thirty something caretaker of the same cemetery where her father worked when he was alive Finch was seriously disfigured in an accident when she was a child and the burn scars on face and upper body have been a barrier to her interpersonal relationships her whole life She has developed a hard shell to protect herself from the reactions of other people and cares only for her beloved cemetery and her clients therein with whom she comes to communicate She learns their back stories [...]

    23. Susan says:
      What a lovely surprise this book was I actually could have finished it in a day but I lingered over it enjoying the potential surprises and the wisdom For now I will keep it and re read it not sure if it will be one I re read than once but I m sure I will find things I missed the first time An amazing example of magical realism.

    24. Marie Reed says:
      A truly creative and remarkable tale of a woman learning, essentially how to live when she s surrounded by the dead This is a powerful book for its depth of understanding and personal growth for everyone involved.

    25. Kim says:
      I really enjoyed this It s charming and well written Flows well and an interesting story about a young women with severe burns who spends her life tending a cemetery and interacting with the ghosts who live there.

    26. Steve says:
      The prose is beautiful, loved the main character and I was reminded of some of my favorite southern writers from younger days Barry Hannah, Flannery O Connor and Eudora Welty The narrative kept me on edge to the end, which, i wish could have been a little less abstract Highly recommended

    27. Erin Lee Arvin says:
      This book is exquisite A woman in my book club made an offhand comment about it, and I am so glad she did This book is somehow simultaneously complex and inexplicably simple.

    28. Laura Frappollo says:
      This was a quick read because it was very engaging, although a bit weird regarding the dead and spirits I enjoyed it.

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